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Basic Information

Focus: Photography, Climbing, Water Sports
Owner: Bob Hanson
Director: Jan Mayer
Address: 625 Keasey Ave, Lyle, WA 98635
Phone Number: 801-679-9099
Fax Number: 801-944-4397

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Columbia Gorge Teen Camps
Columbia Gorge Teen Camps
Columbia Gorge Teen Camps
Columbia Gorge Teen Camps

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Additional Information

Ages/Grades: 13-18
Camp Season: July 12 - 26

Our base camp is located just a few hundred yards off of the banks of a very unique section of the Columbia River, affectionately known as “The Gorge.” The Gorge is a world renowned paradise for outdoor recreation of all sorts. You name it and it can probably be done in or near The Gorge. For decades this area has attracted writers, painters, photographers, and filmmakers from around the world who come to be inspired by its outstanding natural beauty. The Gorge is perhaps best known for its world class windsurfing and kitesurfing, but virtually all forms of outdoor adventure and recreation exist in great abundance in the Gorge area. Camping facilities are located at a modern high school in semi-rural Lyle, Washington, about 90 minutes due east of the Portland, Oregon, International Airport. Campers stay outdoors in tents we provide and have immediate access to the school’s wonderfully equipped kitchen, dining room, showers, multi-purpose room and gymnasium.

Gender: Co-ed
Camp Capacity: 73
Pricing: $2,400 - $3,000

Columbia Gorge Teen Camps is a unique "teen only," summer camp for “motivated” teens who want to learn their chosen specialty from experts and world class professionals! Our campers can specialize in Outdoor Digital Photography, Rock Climbing or Water Sports. Our camps all operate simultaneously out of the same facility in Lyle, Washington. We attract an equal number of boys and girls in the 14 to 17 year old bracket. Our programs, while specialized, can easily accommodate beginners to experts alike.

Our mission statement is to offer motivated teens “world class” instruction in a fun setting of unmatched natural beauty. This is what the Columbia Gorge Teen Camps are all about. Teens in our Photography Camp will spend their days actively photographing snow-capped volcanoes, chasing magnificent waterfalls, or enjoying fields of wildflowers! Teens in our Water Sports Camp will spend their days white water rafting, kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding, ocean surfing and windsurfing. Teens in our Rock Climbing Camp will spend most of their days with our professional climbers ascending some the most sought after climbing locations in North America. Two days will be reserved for summiting Mt. Saint Helens. After returning to the base camp, a nutritious and delicious dinner will be served followed by an educational and inspirational evening program. We pride ourselves in offering top notch, 24/7 supervision. We have a flawless record of camper safety and camper fun! Campers stay busy learning and experiencing a life affirming adventure with teens their own age, who share their passions. That is the magic of our camp, in a nutshell.

Slogan: Reaching the Height of your Potential