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Basic Information

Focus: Marine Biology, Ecology, Team Building, Leadership
Owner: Orma Bowen
Director: Orma Bowen
Address: Camp: Grand Manan Island, New Brunswick (Bay of Fundy, between Maine and Nova Scotia) Winter Address: 54 Academy Rd, Kirkwood, PA 17536
Phone Number: 610 399 1463

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The Whale Camp
The Whale Camp
The Whale Camp
The Whale Camp

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Additional Information

Ages/Grades: 10 to 17
Camp Season: June - August

Grand Manan Island is a stunningly beautiful Canadian destination and oceanside playground. Located in the Bay of Fundy, where the highest tides in the world create one of the world’s most dynamic marine ecosystems, the island offers breathtaking views and close-up encounters with all kinds of marine life. Whales, porpoises, seals, white-sided dolphins and Puffins frequent this area each summer and fall to take advantage of the rich plankton resources driven by the huge tides. Our coastal site on Grand Manan is the ideal location to take advantage of this natural paradise and comes complete with extensive playing fields, dormitories, dining hall, staff house, science center, and the island's most beautiful beach. The docks are just a short distance from camp where we climb aboard the research vessel to investigate life in the sea.

Gender: co-ed
Camp Capacity: 40
Pricing: depends on program; see website:

No other summer program offers as many face-to-face encounters to closely observe and study whales, dolphins, porpoises, seals and puffins in their natural habitat. Through direct observation, scientific data collection and hands-on experience with marine biology equipment, the Whale Camp is a place where exploration, inspiration and learning abound. Here on stunning Grand Manan Island, learning is a fun, hands-on adventure. We celebrate the ocean's grandeur, beauty, serenity and power and help you discover your own. The tone we set at Whale Camp allows you to be comfortable with yourself, value others, have fun, improve self esteem and make lasting friends. With our seas and planet in peril, we believe it's more important than ever for us to look to the whales and the beauty of our planet to learn how to "Save the Humans"!

Additional Information:

At the Whale Camp you'll make connections. Connections with elusive marine creatures and with a charming island, but as importantly you'll make connections with amazing people too. Year after year campers continue to affirm that Whale Camp is a place to be yourself, discover who you are and to meet genuine and lasting friends. Nurturing these connections is another way Whale Camp makes an enduring real-life difference. Truly caring staff create a safe environment physically and emotionally, helping you discover with confidence. You will have a chance to explore your world with others who have similar interests and questions. But don't take our word for it, listen to what campers and parents have to say:

Before coming to camp I didn't believe that I could make friends or even fit in. Sure I learned about whales and all other types of marine biology, but I learned even more about myself and the world around me.
-past camper, Rachel Shapiro

Put simply, Whale Camp is absolutely life changing. The bonds I've formed throughout my two years are so so strong and I know they'll last a lifetime; my Whale Camp friends are my best friends! I don't think I ever stopped smiling for a single moment, whether we were watching a giant humpback whale breach or searching for sea stars in a tide pool. The camp itself is even beautiful, with a private beach and huge grassy fields. There is just so much to experience; I could go on forever! Taking the perfect photo of a puffin or seal, gliding across the bay in a kayak, seeing more whales than I can count, or even just making friendship bracelets... these moments will stick with me forever.
- past camper, Sedona Ryan 

Whales! Capture their majesty. Watch in anticipation as a Right Whale surfaces, raises its enormous body to look you in the eye and then dives back into the deep. Hear the piercing blow of a finback whale surface feeding next to the boat. Feel the exhilaration as a humpback whale hurls its massive body out of the water and crashes back into the sea. Your mind reaches out to discover more about their world. Some experiences open new worlds.

Climb aboard our research vessel with new friends, knowledgeable instructors, and experienced crew. Chart the course into the Bay of Fundy and enjoy the cool summer breeze as you scan the horizon for marine life. Along the coast you see seals sleeping on the warm rocks, sliding into the sea, feeding and playfully leaping. Bald eagles commonly patrol the skies and perch on trees. Schools of fifty or more white-sided dolphins occasionally follow the boat, riding the bow wave, leaping and flipping in the air. Our team of marine science instructors answers your questions and directs the discussion of marine life, marine biology and ocean systems.

IMG0069Observation is exhilarating, but whale research and marine science are even more fun. At Whale Camp you don't just see the marine animals, you learn about them and their world. You will use professional marine biology and oceanography equipment to make hands-on discoveries about life in the ocean. You will gather and analyze data  about your marine sightings to understand the science of whales and life in the sea. With each additional week at Whale Camp you will penetrate the ocean world's mysteries more deeply and gain a clearer understanding of the critical issues facing your own future.

DSC_0158Whale Camp adventures at sea go far beyond whales and sailing. As a whale camper, you have the rare opportunity to visit remote Machias Seal Island. Here the sky is filled with the chattering antics of thousands of amazing sea birds. From feet away you will come eye-to-eye with hundreds of Atlantic puffins accompanied by Arctic terns, common murres, and razorbill auks. You might row around the island and have the birds called to your side, or enjoy observing the puffins and allies from bird blinds as they bring food to the young in their nests. These face-to-face experiences literally just five feet away are brought together by experiential lessons that demonstrate the relationships between puffins and other seabirds and show why these animals exist only on a few remote islands.

Come discover the magic of Grand Manan for yourself, and you’ll understand why people young and old return year after year. We look forward to discovering, learning, and connecting with you at Whale Camp!

Slogan: "Save The Humans"