Mary, Mother of the Redeemer School

Basic Information

Address: 1321 Upper State Road North Wales, PA 19454
County: Montgomery
School District: North Penn
Phone Number: 2154127101
Fax Number: N/A

Action Shots

Mary, Mother of the Redeemer School
Mary, Mother of the Redeemer School
Mary, Mother of the Redeemer School
Mary, Mother of the Redeemer School

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Additional Information

President: Mrs. Denise Green Judge
School Type: Catholic PreK through 8th Grade
Founded: 2003
Ages/Grades: 3 - 8th Grade
Diocese: Archdiocese of Philadelphia
School Size: 519
Classroom Size: 25
Student/Teacher Ratio: 1:25


Financial Aid:



STEM, Spanish, Physical Education, Art, Technology, Library, Math, ELA, Music

Percentage of Graduating Class: 100%
Support Services:

The mission statement of MMR School begins with the immediate recognition of our charge to recognize the uniqueness of each child, and to provide them with a quality, Catholic Education. Recognizing that not every child learns in the same manner, MMR School is committed to providing instruction that is aligned with learning styles, talents, and capabilities.

Purpose of the Program

Given the multitude of gifts each child possesses, it is evident that some gifts require support and enrichment to be evident and established. The MMR Resource Room and Support Services program, our Ready Program, will identify, address, support, and resolve the issues of struggling students and those identified with unique learning requirements. Students will focus on proficiency in foundational subjects and may be provided with modified instruction in Language Arts and Math, following the same curriculum as the regular classroom.

Program Operations 

Serving students in grades K through 8, this dedicated program will be implemented by a fully accredited and qualified instructor, supported by instructional assistants. A Care Team model will provide the frame work and foundation for the program. This model is a school-based group of professionals whose primary goal is to address and resolve the issues of struggling students. The primary areas of focus will be in Reading, Writing and Mathematics. The program will also provide support to those students in need of organizational and study skills, as well as alternatives for test-taking and other identified areas.

Admission Requirements 

Students are identified for participation in this program based on multiple criteria. This includes standardized testing results, report card grades, teacher recommendations and concerns and parental agreement. 

Program information can be obtained by contacting Mrs Denise Judge, Principal. 

Camp Programs: No
Summer School: No
After School Programs: Yes
Computer Capabilities:

1:1 technology for students

School Championships:

Basketball, Cheer, Track and Field, Cross Country, Baseball, Odyssey of the Mind, Robotics

School Clubs:

Art Studio, Honors Club, Junior and Senior Band, Odyssey of the Mind, Project Peace, Reading Olympics, Service Club, Student Council, Theatre Arts, Voices of Praise, Robotics

Uniform Guidelines:

All school uniforms, with the exception of gym clothes, must be purchased from FlynnO'Hara School Uniforms.

Mission Statement:

The Mission of Mary, Mother of the Redeemer School is to recognize the uniqueness of each child and to provide a quality Catholic Education, enlivened by faith, hope, and love, that is proud, progressive, and motivated to meet the needs of our 21st century students.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

We believe that:

Prayer is powerful.
We need to guide our students to live according to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Traditions are essential to the faith and moral development of children.
We are partners with parents in the education of their children.
We teach students first and subjects second.
Classrooms are student-centered.
Children bring their own unique gifts and talents to the classroom.
Learning takes many forms.
Students and teachers at MMR create an environment of respect for self and others.   
We are here to give service to others.

Academic Philosophy

Since the inception of Mary, Mother of the Redeemer School in 2003, the school’s philosophy has always been rooted in the theological virtues of faith, hope, and love. In its current-day beliefs and practices, MMR continues to focus on and expand upon this philosophy.  The school believes it is a testament to the faith of the community, to the hope for the future good, and to the love that calls each member to reach into the next generation equipped with the education and skills to excel.  It is the firm belief of the school community that a strong religious and rigorous framework will mold students well-prepared as 21st century learners.  The spiritual and personal growth of the students is stimulated through the understanding of their heritage, the mastery of concrete and abstract skills, and the encouragement to become contributing citizens with a sense of local and global awareness.    
At Mary, Mother of the Redeemer School, the student is challenged to live a Christ-centered life through the teachings of the Gospel, prayer, and the living of Catholic tradition.  A foundation for moral decision-making and personal responsibility shores up the relationships among the students, the faculty, and the administration.  MMR recognizes the parents as primary teachers of their children and seeks to reinforce this call to witness through guidance of their children. Sacramental celebration, daily prayer, faith instruction, and service to others, enable the students of MMR to live out their Baptismal identity.
Mary, Mother of the Redeemer School is proud, progressive, and motivated to meet the needs of its 21st century students.  Using the Common Core State Standards adopted by Pennsylvania as well as by the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, MMR moves each child to a personal best.  Students are given a unique and rigorous academic curriculum that challenges students to discover and not just learn. Instruction is meaningful and real.  Through formative and summative assessments, each child’s strengths are identified, giving them hope and optimism for future learning experiences.  The hiring of qualified, enthusiastic educators is taken seriously and evaluated in an ongoing manner.
Love of God and love of others are the cornerstones of the Mary, Mother of the Redeemer School community.  An attitude of respect for others, as well as a commitment to positive relationships, fosters the supportive atmosphere that shines at MMR.  Providing an environment in which students learn to function effectively in society and to make choices that stem from acceptable Catholic teaching are integral to the mission of MMR. In fact, the total MMR experience is crafted so that all students leave with an education that opens the mind not only to learning and scholastic achievement, but to a greater sense of their unique role in God’s world.

Notes/School Information:

Recognized as a Blue Ribbon School of Excellence by the United States Department of Education in 2009 and again in 2019