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Basic Information

Address: 1150 W Superstition Blvd, Apache Junction, AZ 85120
County: Pinal
Phone Number: 480 881 7114

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Additional Information

Principal: Michelle Edwards
School Type: Public Charter K-8
School Focus: Self-paced, Mastery Education focused on individual student needs
Founded: 2019
Ages/Grades: Pre-K through 8th
Student Demographics: Diverse
School Schedule (Hours in Day): 7:50am - 3:30pm Monday through Thursday, 7:50am - 1:30 Friday
School Days in Calendar Year: 180 day traditional calendar
School Holidays: Traditional

Family-centered, community events

School Size: small, growing rapidly (approx 150 students)
Classroom Size: 25 or less
Student/Teacher Ratio: Math = 1:8 (or less), other core content = 1:25 (or less)

Language Arts, Math, Science/Social Studies, Exceptional Student Services (Special Education), Title I/ Academic Intervention, Fine and Performing Arts (includes PE), Ancillary Services (health, transportation, etc.), Preschool


At ARCHES Academy, all instruction revolves around the needs of the student. Classes are assigned and schedules designed to meet students where they are and provide the best possible outcomes for each student. Classes are designed to accommodate short attention spans and to provide focused environments and plenty of movement for students. Students move through their classes which include Reading, Writing, Spelling, Grammar, Math, Science, Social Studies, Technology, Leadership/Life Skills, and Specials (PE, Art, Music, etc.) daily. On Fridays, time is set aside for teamwork, assessment, interventions, and enrichment in whatever combinations the student needs. This is planned weekly through collaboration between the student and his/her Mentor and parents.

ARCHES is committed to providing the best curricula available in each content area with constant attention paid to improving the educational outcomes of all students. The specific curricula selected, which include, Spalding, Shurley English, Math U See, and Core Knowledge, are all research-based and align with the most recent findings for how children learn. Our teachers teach using the most promising best practices, including brain-based learning and technology integration, and with a hands-on approach that has proven to improve how well students retain the information. The school also provides explicit leadership and social-emotional learning through the Leader in Me program and our Love and Logic approach to discipline.

As a Mastery-based school, students move through the curricula at their own pace, getting all the time and instruction they need to truly understand and apply the knowledge and skills they need to succeed. Once the material is mastered, students move on to new content, thus they are continuously challenged, not bored or overwhelmed.

Support Services:

Title I, Response to Intervention, Special Education, English Language Learning, Transportation

Camp Programs: Yes
Summer School: Yes
After School Programs: Yes
Computer Capabilities:

Teachers integrate everyday instruction with appropriate technology. Students have access to laptop computers in the technology lab daily. Students are instructed on technology use and encouraged to use the available school technology to learn, practice, and present learning. A wide variety of appropriate learning software is available.

School Clubs:

Determined each year based on interest.

Library Resources: ARCHES Academy has a school library available to all students daily. Students are taught how to select appropriate library resources and to find materials they will find engaging and suitable for their purposes.
Admissions Deadline: Open Enrollment
Mission Statement:

Our mission is to help each learner achieve mastery of the standards by use of authentic learning experiences, coaching and mentoring, freedom of choice, service to others, and personal responsibility. Students will learn academics and life skills in a value-rich environment stressing Honor, Courage, Strength, and Discipline. We believe that our methods will produce outstanding individuals who not only have acquired exceptional literacy in the arts and sciences, but mastery over self and true leadership ability.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

Children come into the world endowed with intelligence, talents, and interests that are unique to them as individuals. These are, in fact, what makes them who they are. By the time they enter the world of formal education, they have already accumulated vast amounts of knowledge and skills, and have developed a keen sense for how they prefer to learn. Because we understand and honor this individuality and natural proclivity for learning, we focus on learners and their individual needs.

We believe in the American ideals our Founding Fathers fought and died for, including the notion that the only way to stay free is to educate our citizenry. We are revolutionary in that we have embraced a new model for education that is focused on individualizing education rather than standardizing it. We take a classical approach to education that focuses on the humanities and sciences and how to think, rather than on what to think. We are holistic in that we endeavor to teach the whole child: heart, mind, body, and spirit. We call this an educational system because, by putting these elements together, the whole creates greater outcomes than the sum of its parts.

Sir Ken Robinson, author of "The Element", said this, which aligns perfectly with our core beliefs, philosophy, and mission:
"... education doesn't need to be reformed - - it needs to be transformed. The key to this transformation is not to standardize education, but to personalize it, to build achievement on discovering the individual talents of each child, to put students in an environment where they want to learn and where they can naturally discover their true passions."

School Policy: School policies are available in our Family Handbook which can be obtained from office personnel at the school and on the school website,
School Accountability: ARCHES Academy will not receive an accountability grade until our third year.