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Basic Information

Address: 1145 N. Church Street , Redlands , CA 92374
County: San Bernardino County
School District: Redlands Unified School District
Phone Number: 909 793-5172
Fax Number: 909 335-9593

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Redlands Christian School
Redlands Christian School
Redlands Christian School
Redlands Christian School

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Additional Information

President: Mr. Tom Westerfield
Founded: 1921
Ages/Grades: Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 8
School Setting:

Redlands Christian School has a very positive reputation in the local community. Redlands , California is a moderate-sized city (68,000 pop.) which is a part of the larger Southern California megalopolis. Redlands has a great small-town community feeling, and is described by many as a touch of the Midwest dropped in the middle of southern California . Redlands is ideally located; within an hour's drive one can be at Lake Arrowhead or Big Bear in the mountains , Palm Springs in the desert , or Newport Beach on the ocean.

School Size: 510 students
Classroom Size: Pre-K: 20 (teacher and teacher aide in each classroom ) Kindergarten: 22 (teacher and aide in each classroom) Grades 1-3: 24 Graded 4-5: 26 Grades 6-8: 28
Student/Teacher Ratio: 20/1

Tuition charges to parents for the academic year reflect only 75% of the actual cost of educating a child at Redlands Christian School , The remaining 25% comes from fund raising events, contributions from alumni and friends, and endowment. The Board of Trustees works very hard to keep tuition reasonable and as low as possible. Tuition - Two Day Pre School : $1,342 .................. $122/month for 11 months Tuition - Three Day Pre School : $2,046 ............... $186/month for 11 months Tuition - Five Day Pre School : $2,838 .................. $258/month for 11 months Tuition - Kindergarten: $3,344............................. $304/month for 11 months Tuition - Grades 1-6: $5,258 ................................. $478/month for 11 months Tuition - Grades 7-8: $5,698 ................................. $518/month for 11 months Tuition as stated is for the full year. Monthly payment plans are available.

Financial Aid:

Yes. On a needs basis scholarship funds are available to support those families who desire a Redlands Christian School education for their children but for a variety of reasons are not able to afford it. Application for financial assistance forms are available through the Finance Office. Evaluation of assistance applications is conducted carefully and confidentially; Redlands Christian uses Family Financial Needs Assessment to help in determining assistance amounts. Funds are raised annually to support the RCS Scholarship Fund, specifically to assist families with financial need.


Redlands Christian School provides a comprehensive program of solid academics designed to prepare student to meet the rigors of high school and college. The Core Curriculum, which is reviewed every five years, is based on the California State Standards and includes math, language arts, (reading and phonics), spelling, penmanship, science, social studies and Bible. All students also have at least weekly lasses in music, art, physical education, and computer science. Recorders are introduced in 4 th Grade, Beginner Band begins in 5 th grade, and Advanced Band is available in 6 th -8 th Grades. There are intramural sports programs as well an introductory and league sports in basketball, baseball, football (8 man), soccer, track, volleyball and cross country.

Support Services:

A Support Services Classroom is available for students as well as a newly established Special Education Program

Camp Programs: Yes
After School Programs: Yes
Computer Capabilities:

The campus has 1 large computer lab (30 student computers) and some classroom mini labs. The campus is fully networked

School Championships:

Service Clubs

Notable Graduates:

William Britt (Harvard), Cole Hagei (Harvard), Cameron Hagei ( Princeton ), Steve Travis (Presidential Secret Service), Jack Dangermond (owner/founder of ESRI)

Parking Spaces/Availability:

120 parking spaces

Uniform Guidelines:

Modest and appropriate attire is required…no uniforms

Admissions Requirements:

Admission to Redlands Christian School is granted to families who have at least one parent who professes their personal faith in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior and is an active member/participant in a local church fellowship. There must be evidence of consistent involvement in a Christian church by both parent and student. There must also be evidence that the student will be successful academically and socially. Students must display a positive attitude, demonstrate a desire to learn, and cooperate with school guidelines and regulations.

Mission Statement:

Christ centered excellence in education, partnering with church and home to advance God's Kingdom

Philosophy/Belief Statement: The home, the church, and the school form a triangle symbolic of our belief that all three are critical to a child's development and education. All three must work closely together to benefit the whole child. Redlands Christian School was established in 1921 to support Christian parents who are attempting to be true to the Biblical mandate that they are responsible for the complete education of their children.

Redlands Christian School is accredited by Christian Schools International