Dealing with Conflict and Confrontation

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Workshop run by: College Courses Online

Online independent study

Phone Number: 303-905-7332
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Presenter: Dr. Anne Goiran Bevelhimer

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Dealing with Conflict and Confrontation

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Additional Information

Fees: $360 + graduate credit fees
Registration Date: Any day of the year.
Eligible Audience: Educators K-12
Credits Awarded: 3 graduate semester credit hours, or 3 CEU or 5 graduate quarter credit hours or Certificate of Completion from College Courses Online.

The materials for the course, Dealing with Conflict and Confrontation will be delivered to you electronically as a pdf unpon registration. Print option is available at registration. Sample pages and the syllabus for the course are available for preview at

Workshop Highlights:

The course, Dealing with Conflict and Confrontation, designed specifically with teachers in mind, offers you a variety of conflict and confrontation strategies to empower you in your personal and professional life.


Every teacher deals with conflict and confrontation, but not every one feels comfortable or confident about their skills. In this course, Dealing with Conflict and Confrontation learn effective strategies to deal with conflict in your everyday life. Practice cognitive-behavior modification strategies, assertiveness skills, effective listening and communication techniques, and problem solving skills. Know when to engage, and when to let go of conflict. Practice strategies that empower you such as setting boundaries, knowing who owns the problem, negotiation skills and solution-focus strategies. Learn to welcome conflict and confrontation as an opportunity to grow instead of a situation to fear and avoid. Use these strategies in classroom managment and teach them to your students. Developing confidence in one's ability to deal with conflict and confrontation successfully and respectfully are necessary 21st century skills to meet the demands of college, career and citizenship. A life changing class.