Expanding the Curriculum with the Geogebra Application

Expanding the Curriculum with the Geogebra Application Logo

Basic Information

Workshop run by: Matthew Krebs M.Ed.


Address: 15 WOODSIDE ROAD, Billerica, MA
Phone Number: 6172307850
Registration Website: LearnGeogebra.com
Presenter: Matthew Krebs

Action Shots

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Additional Information

Fees: For 3 Graduate Credits $600 or $210
Registration Date: See Website
Eligible Audience: Current or Prospective Math Teachers
Credits Awarded: 3 Graduate Credits

Must have a computer to use for the duration of the course. Computer should have Geogebra Application downloaded on it.

Workshop Highlights:

Learn to create dynamic, user friendly, demonstrations, games and unique learning challenges. See website for examples.


This course explores the practical usages of the Geogebra Application in teaching. Skills for developing visually interactive user-friendly Applets will be developed. Students (teachers enrolled in the course) learn about underlying programming structures/commands and then work to create an-online portfolio of demonstrations, games and interactive challenges -which will help them to expand the curriculum.