Mindless Moment Workshop

Basic Information

Workshop run by: Shaman Walks, LLC

Atlanta, GA

Address: N/a Travel bases
Phone Number: 4049568306
Presenter: Chealsea Shaheen, Rajeanna Jarrett, Andrea Knowles

Action Shots

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Additional Information

Fees: $25.00 per person, travel expenses may be included
Eligible Audience: All school personel

All participates will need pen/pencil and paper to participate in the writing exercieses.

Workshop Highlights:

What to expect?


    Interact and understand the nature of becoming mindless.
    Indian yogi, Sandhguru stated, "To become mad is in the mind." The closer you can become to mindless, the closer you will be to calmness, clarity, and awareness.


    Learn how to identify your emotional health and understand that the advanced technologies available within you can be fun to use and explore!


    Comprehend how to increase rigor in the classroom with minimal stress. Expand your conscious language to invoke expansion to your students.


One of the major reasons our society has been on a destructive path regarding our mental health is due to lack of acknowledgement of our emotions.
Not only do we not understand our emotions, we also suppress them inside ourselves. Although there are countless mindful techniques for re-balancing ourselves,
or managing our emotions, including breathwork, yogic style poses, and meditation techniques; according to Dr. Marc Brackett's research less than 5% of people actually
use these practices in their daily lives. This is where our technique comes in.

By understanding our emotions from a different perspective,it serves us a new way of altering our minds and aligning ourselves with our highest potential. It is important for us to realize the siginificance of our emotions that we feel in every moment everyday. What emotions do we continiously ignore that lead to deepening our depression, anxiety, and overall unhappiness in our lives.

Our workshop is dedicated to bringing awareness to the school systems all over the nation. If teachers and school leaders are aware of their own emotional health, this will lead to a trail and a reflection of empowerment to our children. We have made our workshop accessible as possible by traveling directly to your school and location.

We look forward to expanding with you.