New Teacher Bootcamp

Basic Information

Workshop run by: Excellence in Youth


Address: 2504 Crimson Ln Champaign, IL 61822
Phone Number: 217-778-3512
Presenter: Jim Kestner

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Additional Information

Fees: $250
Registration Date: Rolling
Eligible Audience: New Teachers
Credits Awarded: 18-27 hours of professional development
Workshop Highlights:

My program includes 9 sessions:

1. Planning an Effective Educational Environment
2. Developing Classroom Policies and Procedures
3. Understanding Legal Issues
4. Planning Curricula and Lessons
5. Beginning the First Days of Teaching
6. Promoting Success for All Students
7. Teaching Academic Survival Skills
8. Building Student Character
9. Living Life as a Professional Educator


You made it! You passed your exams, student taught like a champion, and signed your first real contract as a teacher. Congratulations, and welcome to the most rewarding career on the planet!

So what happens now? Check out the video for a preview of our New Teacher Bootcamp! When you register, you'll get strong advice from mentors, administrators, and colleagues, but the reality is the next step is up to you! There are some terrific ways to spend the days ahead of you, and we're here to help you make the most of your time.

The New Teacher Bootcamp is designed specifically for YOU, helping you prepare for the challenges you know about - and the ones you don't. Jim Kestner started teaching in August 1986 and since then has devoted his career to making a difference, helping students and teachers achieve success. He is nationally recognized for his expertise in classroom management and youth character development and spent over a decade in higher education preparing teachers. In fall 2019 Kestner returned to his roots as a classroom teacher and coach. He puts these principles to use everyday with his own students and is excited to help you do the same.