Read-Aloud! Motivate the Reluctant and Struggling Reader

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Basic Information

Workshop run by: College Courses Online

Online independent study

Phone Number: 303-905-7332
Registration Website:
Presenter: Dr. Anne Goiran Bevelhimer

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Read-Aloud! Motivate the Reluctant and Struggling Reader

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Additional Information

Fees: $360 + graduate credit fees
Registration Date: Any day of the year.
Eligible Audience: Educators K-12
Credits Awarded: 1, 2, or 3 graduate semester credit hours, or 3 CEU or 5 graduate quarter credit hours or Certificate of Completion from College Courses Online. English or Education prefix available.

The materials for Read-Aloud! Motivate the Reluctant and Struggling Reader will be sent to you electronically as a pdf upon completion of your registration for the course. Print options are available at registration. Sample pages and the syllabus for the course are available for preview and download at

Workshop Highlights:

Read-aloud to inspire any reader, but particularly, the reluctant and struggling reader. Build content knowledge through reading aloud complex texts. Research shows that reading aloud is the single most influential way to spark a student's interest, and inspire reading and writing. Learn the techniques for effective reading aloud. Collect resources for good read-alouds for all ages. Learn strategies for making time to read-aloud everyday, even in an already jammed packed school day. A fun class!


Read- Aloud is a course for all readers - the struggling reader, the reluctant reader, the nonreader and the fluent reader. We all benefit from hearing rich provocative language, the fluency and flow of sentences, the weave of a story, the organization of informational text, before reading, before writing. Choose, collect and read texts from fiction to nonfiction that you can use for read- alouds. Choose short texts, excerpts, poems, books, magazine articles, picture books, any print or visual literacy that is purposeful and meaningful to your content area and the reader and writer in your classroom. Create a practical and useful annotated reading log. You do not need to be in the classroom to complete this course! Meets Common Core State Standards for Reading.