Teacher as Researcher

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Basic Information

Workshop run by: College Courses Online

Online independent study

Phone Number: 303-905-7332
Registration Website: www.collegecoursesonline.com
Presenter: Dr. Anne Goiran Bevelhimer

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Teacher as Researcher

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Additional Information

Fees: $360 + graduate credit fees
Registration Date: Any day of the year.
Eligible Audience: Educators K-12
Credits Awarded: 3 graduate semester credit hours, or 3 CEU or 5 graduate quarter credit hours. English or Education prefixes available.

You will receive your materials for Teacher as Researcher as a pdf text upon completion of your registration for this course. Print options are available at registration. A course syllabus and sample pages are available for preview and download at www.collegecoursesonline.com And while you are there, check out the other great courses offered by College Courses Online.

Workshop Highlights:

Teacher as Researcher: Think of the professional authors you turn to for new ideas or theories? You could be one of them! Use your curiousity, your creativity and your passion for teaching and learning to empower your professional development by being a teacher researcher. Choose an educational topic of interest to you to research and develop. Become an expert through reading, writing and critical analysis. Write a paper, create a project or conduct a quantitative or qualitative study. Contribute to the field of educational research. Share your findings with others. Think about publishing. This class enhances your professional confidence.


Teacher as Researcher offers you the opportunity to choose a topic of interest or innovation and develop your topic as a researcher. Choose a question, a theory, a current issue, a controversial subject, an innovative way to teach a content area or a creative educational related endeavor. Develop a thesis. Present your insights in a paper or create a project. Summarize and synthesize your findings. Consider sharing your research and findings with others. Send your paper to an educational journal for publication, teach a staff inservice, make a presentation at a conference, or submit your paper to an educational publishing house or journal. This is professional development at its best. Meets Common Core State Standards.