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Phone Number: 3237282108
Fax Number: 3237287070
Director: Carl Beatty

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Additional Information

Hours: 8am - 5pm Monday - Saturday
Class Schedule: Saturdays 9am - 4:30pm & "School Break" periods
Pricing: $95 Dr Ed Class $357 6 hours Behind-the-wheel
Services Offered:
Driver's Ed Classroom, Online, Correspondence and Onsite. Behind-the-wheel (Adults/Teens/Special Needs)
Area(s) Served: Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside & San Bernadino Counties
School History:

Since 1953 Serving all of Southern California. Award winning School. Largest and most well known Driving School in California. Proven Track Record. Trained Many Instructors who later became Driving School Owners in their own rights. Offering Complete Dual Control Training Vehicles. Largest Fleet in Southern California with it's own complete garage to service it's own vehicles.

Pricing: $95 Dr Ed Class $357 6 hours Behind-the-wheel

To whom it may concern,

First off let me note how out of date this recommendation is. Due to
my unorganized style of living, I accidentally 'misplaced' the the
card containing the relevant information. It was ultimately used as a
bookmark, in one of the various books I was reading. The rest is self

I will start off by mentioning that before I started the school I was
utterly petrified by the idea of driving. The degree of severity could
be almost described as a phobia. I did not trust others at all, and
the fact that a 16 year old can drive here, compounded the fear.
Though, for obvious reasons (living in LA), I had to learn how to
drive. Before beginning lessons I was quite sure that I would be
anxious and that, that anxiety would cause me to be a poor driver.
This wasn't really the case at all, Instructor Cutri had a very warm
presence and a genuine care for me to succeed. This helped
tremendously. It was easy to ask questions and address insecurities
regarding anything related. Instead of dreading driving lessons, I
actually began to enjoy them and look forward to the two hour
sessions. Within these lessons, I learnt how to trust myself, to the
extent where my anxiety related-lack of trust in others diminished.

We covered ground that was not even specifically tested (such as
highway), which, in effect extended my knowledge and security of
driving. Not once was there a time where I felt pressured, even in the
midst of certain failures. I always felt rooted on and supported. I
ended up buying a car a few days after I got my license. A week after
I got my car, I was confident enough to drive from Los Angeles to San
Francisco (clocking in at 5 1/2 hours) for my spring break. Now
driving is second nature to me, a part of my procedural memory. I
highly recommend Instructor Cutri and the California Driving School to
anyone who wishes to learn how to drive; not only for the experience
and technical knowledge, but also for the emotional confidence and
sense of security that is attained.


Aldrich Chan

School Slogan: "Become a Good, Safe Licensed Driver with CDS"
Notes/School Information:

Thank you for calling the "California Driving School" regarding your desire to learn to drive. You are about to make a big decision, and that is "who will teach you to drive?"  In choosing a school to teach you, do not base your choice solely on price, but rather how thorough they are in their training; and the reputation of the school.   Our school has won more awards than any other school in the nation.  When you want the best training possible call the “California Driving School,” which is regarded by many as the “Cadillac” of Driving Schools.

One of the important questions you should ask is, does the school offer you a Fully Dual Control Training Car including two steering wheels?  Many schools advertise "Dual Control" but they are referring only to a Dual Brake.  Some schools will try to convince you that you do not need the "Dual Wheel," but don't you believe it!  Flight Schools and Airlines use the more expensive "Dual Wheel System" of training because it is the most practical, safest and easiest method to learn by.

“LEARN NOW AND PAY LATER,”  as so many other thousands of our students have done.  This is the easy way as all major credit cards are gladly accepted . . . and your training will probably be completed before the first payment is due.

California requires teenagers to take a minimum of six hours behind-the-wheel training, and 30 hours of classroom training.  We have a special teenage program of eight 45 minute lessons, which consists of six hours of In-the-Car Training; which costs only $316.00.  This includes FREE home pick-up service in a Fully Dual Control Training-Car, including two steering wheels.   The In-the-Car Training is given on four separate appointments of 1-1/2 hours each,  & can be scheduled any time at your convenience. Our price may be a little higher than most schools, but we give you so much more . . . the finest training anywhere in the country, and well trained Professional Instructors who make learning to drive an enjoyable experience!

We have an excellent 30 hour Driver Education class and the cost is only $75.00 total  This is one of the lowest prices in California - and our training is  excellent.  Our main classroom is located at our beautiful Executive Office in Monterey Park (Los Angeles), adjacent to the #60 freeway at the Garfield off ramp.  This convenient location is a short drive from most areas, and classes are scheduled every Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

NOTE:  Because of where you live you may have a little longer drive to our classroom than most of our students, therefore, we want to compensate you for the drive in.  The normal class fee of $75.00, will be reduced to you to $40.00; savings of $35.00 for the total classroom.  In order to be eligible, you must bring this letter with you and present it to the Instructor on your first day of class, otherwise you’ll be charged the full $75.00 as all the other students in class will be paying.

Enclosed find a yellow brochure entitled, “The DMV Written Test Made Easy.”  This comprises of the 100 most difficult questions on the DMV written test.  You should read the summary first, which is obtained free of charge at any DMV, after you read that, study enclosed 100 questions, and you should have no problem with your written test.  Incidentally, on each statement, the correct answer that is underlined and bold, this is what you need to remember.  Good luck on taking your written test, and if you need any help from us, please call.

            What is the hardest part of learning to drive?  It is what you have to do now, and that is to pick up the phone and make the first appointment.  Call us and make us prove to you how easy and enjoyable learning to drive can be when taught by the "Special California Driving School Dual Wheel Method."  You will have a great time; and more important you will achieve the goal of your life; your Driver's  License!  If you have already made that important call and reserved time for your first appointment, you will find your appointment book with the time indicated enclosed with this letter.  Congratulations!  You are on the way to obtaining your Driver's License and joining the ranks of thousands of other happy California Driving School graduates.