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Basic Information

Address: 3195 California Street, Suite #E, San Francisco, CA 94115
Phone Number: 415-931-6090, for intakes
Fax Number: 415-931-6066
Director: Deborah Brenner-Liss, Ph.D.

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Additional Information

Treatment Services: individual therapy, groups, couples' and family therapy
Treatment Model: We have a sliding scale specialty clinic staffed by Masters' level and Post Doctoral interns specializing in treating eating disorders, trauma, and other co-occurring disorders. We work from a variety of perspectives -- Self Psychology, Psychodynamic, CBT-DBT, Acceptance & Commitment therapy, Narrative therapy, Control Mastery, Health-at-Every-Size, 12 Step, Internal Family Systems, and others. Clinicians supervised by senior licensed supervisors. (We can also refer to licensed clinicians if your insurance policy requires that, but since we take sliding scale, many people prefer to not have their therapy run by insurance decisions.)
Founded: 1985
Ages Served: adolescents and adults
Gender: males and females
Duration: not a time limit (long-term and short-term services available)
Interview Required: Yes

outpatient clinic; we do have evening and weekend sessions available, but the term "admission" would be misleading.

Pricing: Individual and group therapy sliding scale, some groups by donation
Aid: sliding scale by ability to pay
Accreditation Licenses: Clinicians at our clinic are not yet licensed, but do have substantial experience, and are all supervised by senior licensed MFTs, Ph.D.s, and Psy.D.s with decades of experienced.
Professional Affiliations: The Association of Professionals Treating Eating Disorders is also a broader professional organization, throughout the northern California area, so we have 200-300 some-odd licensed clinicians who are port of our larger organization, between Santa Rosa to the north, Sacramento to the East, and Monterey to the south.
Organization Memberships: see to become a member
Area of Focus:

We work with people with and without eating disorders, but our main focus is working with people struggling with anorexia, bulimia, compulsive overeating, body image issues, and often those we see also have trauma histories, or may have grown up in a dysfunctional family, or an alcoholic family. Our focus is recovery in mind-body-spirit.

Treatment Philosophy: We see recovery as a return to wholeness in body, mind and spirit. APTED believes that there are many paths to recovery. A path can involve a variety of treatment modalities designed to support each person’s individual needs. We value a team approach to treatment including people in recovery, family and friends, community resources and professionals. There are a variety of effective approaches and modalities which APTED aims to represent. We support the integration of local resources (treatment centers, private practitioners and community organizations). APTED does not discriminate according to disability, race, creed, color, sexual orientation, or gender identification. APTED believes that everyone deserves quality treatment independent of financial circumstances. We believe that full recovery is possible for anyone who wants it. Always keep up the hope!

from time-to-time we have specialized workshops; we have also had lectures, conferences, and other events.

Support Groups:

APTED (the Association of Professionals Treating Eating Disorders) has been around as a non-profit organization, doing trainings, outreach and providing referrals since 1985; we have run a full clinic (paired with training program for therapists wishing to specialize in the treatment of eating disorders) since 2005.


Nan Shaw, LCSW wrote: I have worked in the field of eating disorders since 1984, with APTED in the Bay Area since 1985. I have watched this group grow from a small, ardent group of eating disorder specialists to a large and active group, committed to offering training and networking opportunities to professionals, support and referrals to professionals of other disciplines or other geographical areas, as well as support, referrals, and/or direct service to those in recovery from eating disorders, as well as to their friends and/or family members. APTED is my "go to" group to find the right fit for the services or connections I need.

Facility Description:

Our primary location is in a small suite of offices in the Laurel Heights neighborhood of San Francisco. We also have "satellite" locations in both Mill Valley and Oakland.

Additional Information:

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