First Things First For Eating Disorders

Basic Information

Address: 213 West 35th. St., Room 806, 8th. Floor, New York, NY 10001
Phone Number: 516 510-9001
Fax Number: 516 307 0311
Director: William Skerker, LCSW, LRSW, ACSW

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Additional Information

Treatment Services: Free interactive motivational workshops for those with an eating disorder and family and friends
Treatment Model: First Things First delivers a pro-treatment ad pro-recovery message , It asks key questions about what you truly want, what your agendas might be, and helps participants identify and overcome obstacles and conflicts that prevent them from reaching their goals. Each First Things First topic reflects a theoretical position and its practical application for eating disordered individuals seeking permanent recovery.
Founded: 2010
Ages Served: 18-61+
Gender: all
Duration: thought the year
Night Admission Available: Yes
Weekend Admission Available: No
Interview Required: No

meeting room in the office building of psychotherapist William Skerker

Pricing: free
Accreditation Licenses: ACSW: Academy of Certified Social Workers LCSW: Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Organization Memberships: IAEDP New York, Academy of Eating Disorders (AED)
Area of Focus:

We aim to help those with an eating disorder identify and overcome obstacles and conflicts that prevent them from reaching their goals - seeking permanent recovery. Each monthly meeting has a topic.

Treatment Philosophy: See above "Treatment Model"

The free monthly interactive workshops are a type of support group. We don't consider them a "support group" nor a "therapy group".

Support Groups:

Many attendees have reported that First Things First has helped them increase their sense of self-worth, and that it has bolstered their commitment to decisions and behaviors leading to healthier and more fulfilling lives.

Additional Information:

First Things First is now in its eighth year of guiding and motivating people towards seeking permanent recoveries. It is free of charge and free of obligation. A one time email or phone registration allows you to attend as many monthly meetings as you would like without re-registering. Your personal information remains private, and you will receive an email reminder announcing the topic before each meeting. Please visit the website, for meeting dates and last minute information.

Meetings are held on a Thursday at 7:30pm at 213 West 35th. Street, Room 806, 8th. Floor.
All meetings are led by William Skerker, a veteran therapist and eating disorder specialist.
Ellen Schieren, co-administrator, helps with registering participants and provides personalized phone support and help. Ellen can also help with information about additional resources for support and professional help.

To register and for information and assistance please contact

Ellen Schieren
Cell Phone/Text - 516 510-9001

William Skerker, LCSW, LRSW, ACSW
Cell/Text 917 692-8193
Other 908 286-1633
Office 212 736 9040