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Address: 452 Sagebrush Drive, Aledo, TX
Phone Number: 210-386-1167
Contact Person: Dr. Renea Skelton

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Renea Skelton, LLC
Renea Skelton, LLC
Renea Skelton, LLC
Renea Skelton, LLC

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Focus: elementary schools, counselors, teachers, parents
Company History:

"Hi! I’m Henry. It’s okay to talk about your feelings and that's what we're going to do! Come with me on an adventure through stories using Emotional Intelligence. Each adventure provides parents, teachers, and counselors conversational questions and tips to help navigate through a certain emotion. Take me to your home and school so I can guide you on how to manage emotions. Let's Go!"

As a certified Emotional Intelligence Life Coach, Professional Development Trainer, Inspirational Speaker and Author, I created a children’s book series focused on Emotional Intelligence (EI). Many books do not highlight EI and little people have big emotions! The series is about an adventurous hedgehog who encounters various emotions that reside within himself or with his friends. I provide prompting questions for the adult to ask the child to help develop empathy with the characters. The questions spark conversations to increase courage and vulnerability. Each book provides facts about the various animals for the adult and child. The last page is dedicated to adults in which tips are provided for them to help navigate through that certain emotion with the young reader and increase their own EI. 


Additional Information:

Book #1: The Adventures of Henry the Hedgehog: The Case of the Missing Raspberries (emotion is anger).
Book #2: The Adventures of Henry the Hedgehog: The Watering Hole (emotion is sadness with a touch of bullying; the idea of wanting to belong to something versus just fitting in).
Book #3: The Adventures of Henry the Hedgehog: Hiding in the Forest (focus is on change and the fear of the unknown).
Book #4: The Adventures of Henry the Hedgehog: The Harvest Moon Festival at Big Rock (emotion is grief).
Book #5: (Currently in progress - focus is on anxiety).