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Address: PO Box 816 Lisle, IL
Phone Number: 630-548-4219
Fax Number: 630-369-3482
Person of Contact: Greg Oij

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Writer's Workbench
Writer's Workbench
Writer's Workbench
Writer's Workbench

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Helping the world with English Writing Mechanics

Focus: Writing Mechanics
Software Titles: Writer's Workbench Plug-In to Word and the On-Line version of Writer's Workbench
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Company History:

Company founded in 1988.
WWB from Bell Labs resold until 1992 when the original version was available only in Unix.
WWB created for the plug-in to Microsoft word in 1999.

Many updates over time with Microsoft Word changes through 2019.

Additional Information:

Writer's Workbench was the first software that critiqued writing.
WWB OL now available for teachers, students, and individual users who what to become better writers.