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Basic Information

Address: 2400 Nueces Street Austin, TX 78705
Phone Number(s): +15124712480
Fax Number(s): +15124756810
Director: Dr. Michael Smith

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English Language Center, The University of Texas at Austin
English Language Center, The University of Texas at Austin
English Language Center, The University of Texas at Austin
English Language Center, The University of Texas at Austin

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Additional Information

Ages: 17+

Academic English Program, English Language Program, International Academy, Teacher Training, Customized programs

School Setting:

Austin is the capital of Texas, and consistently ranks high on lists of best places to live, work, and have fun. It is currently the 11th largest city in the US, with a population of approximately 950,000. Compared to other cities its size, Austin also has a smaller-town feel and a relatively low cost of living. Austin offers lots of parks and green space for outdoor activities such as cycling, hiking, and swimming. The climate is warm and there are sunny skies nearly 300 days a year. Austin is also known as the "Live Music Capital of the World." There are over 150 live music venues in and around Austin, featuring every type of music imaginable. Access to other entertainment such as theater, art, and film is readily available. For these reasons, Austin receives over 20 million visitors annually.

English langauge students are provided a university ID which enables them to access The University of Texas's 17 libraries, computer labs and printing, online learning management system, recreation center, health center, and access public transportation for free. Students receive academic advising, immigration advising, and university admission workshops. Weekly Talk Time events and conversation groups provide more opportunities for students to practice their language skills. Weekly social activities and cultural excursions are another benefit. Part-time work is available at the university for international students. Partial scholarships opportunities are available for students in their second semester of study.

Classroom Size: 6-15

$4995 per semester

Support Services:
• UT Health Center
• UT Recreation Center and Gym
• UT Counseling and Mental Health Center
• Counseling and Mental Health Center Crisis Line

Campus, Safety, and Immigatration
• UT photo ID card
• Immigration advising
• Safety seminars and "Know Your Rights" workshops
• SURE Walk - volunteer-led program providing a companion for those who feel uncomfortable alone
• Emergency Call boxes - more than 120 outdoor phones throughout campus to notify authorities or call for help in an emergency situation
• Campus alert system - updates through emails and text messages


Custom programs for groups of students will include accommodation, but individual students must make their own housing arrangements. There are many options for housing close to UT campus which include private dormitories, private apartments, and cooperatives.

Private Dormitories

Though space is limited in UT's official dormitories, off-campus dormitories are in fact closer to the ESL classrooms. Private dormitories include all necessary furnishings, wifi connection, laundry facilities, and often have recreation centers and social gathering spaces. All-you-can-eat style cafeterias provide an abundance of food choices for different tastes and dietary restrictions.

  • Dobie Center
  • The Castillion
  • Calaway House

Private Apartments

Many private apartments are available near campus or a short walk or bus from campus. To locate an apartment, students may check local newspapers such as the Daily Texan, Austin American Statesman, and Austin Chronicle or other web resources such as Apartment Guide, Apartment Finders, or West Campus Living. They also work with an apartment locator who will assist in their apartment search free of charge. UT has produced a comprehensive off-campus housing guide.

Additionally, there is a Facebook group that UT students created to find roommates or those who are subletting (letting others take over their lease, i.e. if they graduate or study abroad):


Admissions Requirements:

Applicants must be at least 17 years old and have finsished high school. We do not require any test scores for the English Language Program. 

Admissions Deadline:

We recommend students apply at least 60 days prior to the start of the semester

Mission Statement:

To offer the highest quality English language instruction that supports current and potential university students, visiting scholars, and international student and scholar dependents at The University of Texas at Austin (UT); to provide EFL teacher training programs to the UT community and beyond; and to extend the reach and impact of The University of Texas at Austin to the world through our programs.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

To transform lives through exemplary English as a Second Language (ESL) instruction and English as a Foreign Language (EFL) teacher training.

School History:

The University of Texas at Austin is one of the largest public universities in the United States and ranked among the top 50 universities in the world. A tier 1 research university, UT has 18 colleges and schools and more than 50,000 students. UT is known for having top-20 ranked programs in business, engineering, pharmacy, law, and computer science. With superior teaching, research, and public service, the core purpose of the university is to transform lives for the benefit of society through the core values of learning, discovery, freedom, leadership, individual opportunity, and responsibility.


"Beyond learning English, UT ESL helped me understand the culture, dynamics, and organization of this country."
-Yure, Venezuela

"The program at UT ESL was the best experience in my life. Austin is a great place for English study because there are many multi-cultural things to do. UT ESL helped me grow in several ways, especially with time management. Because of program I learnt how to balance my schedule for classes and homework. I chose UT ESL because they support every student really carefully. They always focus on what students need and they provide an amazing program of classes and events. Because of ESL, I met people who have the same purpose as me, and that is very special."
-Ye Ri Bae, Korea

"I feel very proud as a UT ESL Alumni, I have learned so many things from amazing people at UT ESL. As a graduate student I don't feel that I am an international student anymore. I feel like I have completed my high school and undergraduate studies here at the US."
-Paiman, Afghanistan

"The University of Texas at Austin is one of the most famous universities in the United States, so I chose UT ESL Services to prepare for studying at a university in the US."
-Bella, Vietnam

"I've attended almost all of activities! I met a lot of friends through activities, and I had fun with them. It improved my English skills a lot. Speaking of TALK TIME, I'd never missed it! I learned many vocabulary and expressions from friends. Thank you so much for organizing these great activities."
-Aya, Japan

"I attended AEP for one month in 2015, as part of a summer internship sponsored by Fulbright and the US Embassy in Argentina. I loved so much Austin at that time and I met so many people with different backgrounds that I decided to come back. Now I'm in Austin to do my master's degree in Civil Engineering. I believe that my experience in the AEP course allowed me to become aware of the importance of continuing my education beyond a bachelor's degree, and I am still in contact with my ex classmates, so it was a great networking experience."
-Gabrielle, Argentina

Program Highlights:

UT Austin is a top-ranked, globally renown university

  • Ranked 36th Best Global University, US News & World Report 2019
  • Ranked 51st Academic Universities of the World, Shanghai Rankings 2017
  • Number 1 in Accounting and Advertising
  • Number 3 School of Pharmacy
  • Number 11 Engineering School
  • Over 6,000 International students from 120 countries
  • 112 Fulbright Scholars, 31 Rhodes Scholars, 23 Marshall Scholars
  • Top programs: Business, Engineering, Liberal arts
  • Student have access to campus facilities, UT student organizations, UT professors for networking

Located in great place, Austin, Texas

  • Capital city, population over 950,000
  • 11th largest US city, lower cost of living than US East and West coasts
  • Public transportation system and bike routes
  • 300 sunny days a year, warm weather
  • Known as the "Live music capital of the world"
  • Beautiful rolling hills, lakes, rivers, and forests for outdoor recreation
  • Big employers: Apple, Dell, IBM, Intel, Cisco, Silicon Labs, Facebook

Providing high-quality English instruction

  • Since 1965
  • All teachers have Masters-level education, some PhD's
  • All teachers have at least 5 years of experience, some close to 20 years
  • 12 student average class size, 15 student maximum
  • Up to 1,000 students per year have joined UT ESL
  • Regular conversation practice sessions, ESL social activities, and excursions

Job opportunities and scholarships

  • On-campus job opportunities help students support living expenses and gain experience working in English
  • Competitive scholarship reduce tuition by 30% for selected continuing students