Family Travel Forum Teen Travel Writing Scholarship

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Basic Information

Administrator: Fran Falkin
Scholarship Sponsor: Family Travel Forum
Address: 891 Amsterdam Avenue New York, NY 10025 USA
Phone Number: 212-665-6124
Fax Number: 212-665-6136

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Additional Information

Amount of Scholarship: $1000 (1st), $500 (2nd), $200 (3rd), Photo & Video Awards ($150 each) 25 x Honorable Mention
Number of Awards: 30
Available to Class Level: 8-12
Requirements: Travel blogs must be no more than 600 words in length. Entries must include text and be illustrated by at least one photo, digital artwork or video. see for more information.
Eligibility: Applicants must be ages 13-18 and attending grades 8-12 as of June 27, 2011. Graduating seniors are only eligible if you submit your completed travel blog on or before June 27, 2011. The travel experience you write about must have occurred between the ages of 12-18, and within the last five years. Applicants must be attending junior high or high school in the United States or Canada, or an American international school abroad, or be enrolled in a U.S. homeschool program.
Due Date: August 1, 2011
Purpose of Award: Family Travel Forum has partnered with the Society of American Travel Writers to promote teen literary and encourage students to share their travel adventures and trip advice.
Duration: May 1 - august 1, 2011
Renewable: annual
Applicaiton Online:
Scholarship History: 5th annual Teen Travel Writing Scholarship is presented for 2011. FTF's Young Writers Scholarship is presented each spring.