Zombie Apocalypse Scholarship

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Basic Information

Administrator: ScholarshipExperts.com
Scholarship Sponsor: ScholarshipExperts.com
Address: 3020 Hartley Rd #220 Jacksonville, FL 32257
Phone Number: 904-483-2930
Fax Number: 904-483-2931

Action Shots

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Additional Information

Amount of Scholarship: $1,000
Number of Awards: 1
Available to Class Level: high school, undergraduate and graduate students
Requirements: US citizen, 13 years and older
Minimum GPA: n/a
Minimum ACT: n/a
Minimum SAT: n/a
Due Date: November 30
Purpose of Award: college-related expenses
Duration: 1 year
Renewable: no
Need-based Scholarship: no
Applicaiton Online: yes
Application Fees: none
Scholarship History: First year being offered
Additional Information:

Applicants must submit a short essay (250 words or less) response to the following: 'Imagine your high school or college campus has been overrun by Zombies. Use your brain to flesh out a plan, including where you would hide and the top 5 items you would use to stay alive.'