David A. Dutrow Elementary

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Basic Information

Address: 60 Curtis Tignor Rd. Newport News, VA 23608
School District: Newport News Public Schools
Phone Number: 757.886.7760
Fax Number: 757.989.0932
Diploma Coordinator: Margy Pittman - PYP Coordinator
School Type: Public
Programme: PYP

Action Shots

David A. Dutrow Elementary
David A. Dutrow Elementary
David A. Dutrow Elementary
David A. Dutrow Elementary

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Additional Information

IB Region: IB Americas
IB School Code: 7258
IB Authorization: March 2006
Accreditation: Fully Accredited by Virginia DOE
Founded: Built in 1974
Ages/Grades: Kindergarten - Fifth Grades
School Setting:

Urban setting. Plant is open classrooms with a grade level (4 teachers) in a pod. Gym, Media Center, kitchen and cafeteria serving line but no Dining Hall.

School Size: around 500
School Schedule: Student Hours 9:05-3:40
School days in Calendar Year: 180

Magnet School - application only, no screening

School Size: around 500
Student/Teacher Ratio: 25:1


Financial Aid:





Newport News Virginia Standars based curriculum is incorporated into Dutrow designed units of inquiry to develop conceptual knowledge.

Support Services:

Individual Educational Plan driven: Speech/Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Assistive Technology, Physical Therapy, Learning Disabilities/ Developmentally Delayed/ Other Health Impaired Services delivered in a full inclusion model


Interventionists for reading support

Computer Capabilities:

PC platform
internally wireless
lab with desktop computers
student laptops

School Clubs:

Student Council Association
Girls of Excellence/ Boys of Distinction
Cultural Studies
Odyssey of the Mind
Welcome Greeters
Office Assistants
Bus helpers
Morning Show TV Crew and Anchors

Parking Spaces/Availability:

Limited Parking

Uniform Guidelines:

no uniforms

Admissions Requirements:

Live within Newport News city limits
Five years of age by Sept. 30

Mission Statement:

The community of David A. Dutrow Elementary engages in a rigorous academic environment with an international focus and perspective. In this open-space school, inquiry-based strategies and reflection allow all to develop skills to become productive, thoughtful and responsible citizens.
We choose to make a difference through action because we believe it’s the right thing to do.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

A rigorous academic setting should be open to all children. Everyone is in the process of becoming smart and it shouldn't have to look the same way for all in order for it to be recognized or honored.

School History:

Dutrow Elementary began serving students in 1974. It has always been a school without an attendance zone. It was first recognized as an alternative school because of its open classroom design, giving parents an alternative to the regular self-contained classrooms. It has been part of the magnet program system since 1994 and identified it's magnet curriculum specialty as International Studies in 2001.

There have been five principals prior to the current one. The faculty is rather stable with close to half having a tenure here of 10 years or more.

Dutrow was the first school in Newport News to receive state accreditation when VA began to use test scores as the criteria.

Programs and Services:

Specialty instruction in Art, Music, Physical Education, Library literacy, and Spanish.

Notes/School Information:

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