The Broach School - Tampa

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Basic Information

Address: 1301 W. Linebaugh Ave, Tampa, FL 33612
County: Hillsborough
Phone Number: 813-963-0901
Fax Number: 813-963-0879
President: Rich Wead
Principal: Sonia Anderson
School Type: private, K-12, special education

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The Broach School - Tampa
The Broach School - Tampa
The Broach School - Tampa
The Broach School - Tampa

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Additional Information

Accreditation: SACS/AdvancED
Founded: 2009
Organization Affiliation: Children's Educational Services, Inc.
Ages/Grades: K-12
School Setting:

Located in Northgate Baptist Church. The Broach School is non-denominational.

School Schedule: 8:30am - 3pm
School days in Calendar Year: 175
School Holidays: Follow Public School County
School Size: 80 Students
Student/Teacher Ratio: Average of 12:1

Traditional - $8,000

Financial Aid:

Florida Scholarships - McKay, Step Up For Students, Gardiner (PLSA), AAA


McGraw Hill for Language Arts/Reading and Social Studies, Apologia for Science, Globe-Fearon Pacemaker Series, AGS, Go Math, iReady for assessments

Support Services:

Private tutoring, partner with Title I, partner with ABA's when needed

After School Programs: Yes
Computer Capabilities:

Apple laptops, Android tablets; technology is used as a supplement throughout the curriculum

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to provide a safe, nurturing learning environment where children are motivated to succeed.

Philosophy/Belief Statement: Our private school educators are dedicated to the students, making learning fun and informative at the same time. We are committed to helping students develop their God-given strengths and potential. We love each child unconditionally, fostering good attitudes and rejecting poor behavior. Our approach to discipline is counseling and encouraging students to respect their fellow students, parents, teachers, and other authorities. What Makes Us Unique? We recognize that every child learns differently and all students have their own individual needs. Our goal is to reach every child regardless of their learning style and regardless of their needs. We don’t design our students around our programs, we design our programs around our students. What Is Our Philosophy? We recognize that every child learns differently and all students have their own individual needs. Low Teacher – Student Ratio. Highly Qualified Teachers. State of the Art Resources. Tracked Progression of Every Standard Taught. Fair Methods of Grading. Our Commitment to You Develop each student to their fullest academic potential. Ensure that your child is a better reader. Demonstrate and encourage respect, honor, integrity, and responsibility with the Bible as the foundation of the school. Continually pursue excellence in all areas.
School History: The Broach School was started in 1973 to meet the ever-increasing need for quality personalized instruction. The School was founded to help students who were getting lost in overcrowded classrooms by giving each one the personal attention of their teacher. Today, with locations in Tampa Bay and St Petersburg, Bradenton, and Zephyrhills, The Broach School continues to be a leader in private, special education in the state of Florida. In existence since 2009, CES has a strong presence in several markets within Florida. The Broach School has a favorable reputation in Tampa, St Petersburg, Bradenton, and Zephyrhills. Crossroads Christian Schools have developed greater momentum in Lakeland and in the North Florida regions of Arlington and Fleming Island within the city of Jacksonville. The CES schools began to quickly carve out their niche within the K-12 private school space by providing an alternative approach to the traditional classroom. By maintaining smaller classrooms, employing qualified teachers skilled in assessing the student’s grade level, differentiating the instruction necessary for each individual student, and offering a variety of teaching methods and curriculum within the context of an encouraging, nurturing environment, students have found great success in the CES academic program. The majority of students who enter a Broach or Crossroads Christian School are able to catch up to a desired grade level and stay on course for graduation.
Programs and Services:

In the classroom, CES’ academic program is designed to advance its mission by providing a stimulating, family-like environment where each student can excel within small-sized classrooms. CES utilizes a variety of State of Florida recognized resources including McGraw Hill, Apologia Science, Globe-Fearon Pacemaker Series, AGS, Go Math, among others, and has developed its own proprietary Bible curriculum for the Crossroads Christian Schools. The Broach School and Crossroads Christian Schools also incorporate character education, instilling positive character traits and core values in the lives of the students.

We service students who may have Specific Learning Disabilities (SLD); Speech, Orthopedic, Language, or Other Health Impairment; Intellectual Disabilities; Emotional/Behavioral Disabilities; Dual-Sensory Impairments; Developmental Delays; and Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Our standards are based on the Sunshine State standards, not Common Core. We only teach courses for which we have standards.

Each course offered in our schools is listed in a curriculum guide with the following information:

The level/grade to which the course is offered
The credit value of the course (high school only)
The major concepts and content
The intended outcomes, standards and objectives
The designated text and resource options
We use a combination of textbooks and technology (tablets, laptops, TV’s)

Students will be placed in the appropriate grades by functioning level, not grade or age level, which will be determined by the student’s previous year’s academic history and our academic policies.

Each Principal will oversee the use of i-Ready at their respective campuses; this software will diagnose student strengths and weaknesses in both Language Arts & Math.

We will use this data to place students and track development throughout the year.

Course placement is determined not only by the previous history, but also from the results of standardized and diagnostic testing.