Chatham Hall

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Basic Information

Address: 800 Chatham Hall Circle, Chatham, VA 24531, USA
County: Pittsylvania
Phone Number: 434-432-2941
President: Rachel Connell
School Type: Girls Boarding

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Chatham Hall
Chatham Hall
Chatham Hall
Chatham Hall

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Additional Information

Founded: 1894
Ages/Grades: 9th-12th Grade
School Size: 150
Classroom Size: 8
Student/Teacher Ratio: 5:1



History & Social Science
Fine & Performing Arts
World Languages


Graduation Requirements
English-4 years
History/Social Science-3 years, including Religious Studies, U.S. History, & Ethics
Mathematics-3 years, including Algebra II
Science- 3 years, including physics, chemistry & biology
Fine and Performing Arts-1 year
World Language-3 years 1 language or 2 years 2 languages, between 9-12 grade
Athletics-4 years

Camp Programs: Yes
School Clubs:

Altar Guild
Art Club
Bit ‘n Spur (riding)
Book Club
Brushes ‘n Picks (riding)
Chatham Athletic Council
Calculus Nerd Club
Chathamite (yearbook)
COE (admission office ambassadors)
The Columns (newspaper)
Cooking Club
Cultural Perspectives
Dance Club
Dance Committee
Fencing Club
French Club
International Club
Iris (literary magazine)
JETS/TEAMS (engineering, math and science competition)
Latin Club
Math Competition Club
Model United Nations
The Niche (student rock band)
Poets Untamed
Service League
Sextet (senior a cappella group)
Sherwood Drama Club
Spanish Club
Student Council
Sustainability Club

Mission Statement:

Chatham Hall equips curious thinkers to lead lives of impact

School History: Chatham Hall was founded in 1894 in Chatham, Va. We believe that when a young woman steps beyond the boundary of her own comfort zone, she realizes the true power of her potential. Every day across campus, you’ll discover your individual passions, learn to balance joy with challenge, gratitude with ambition, and to champion each other as you begin to weave together informed perspectives that will make up your worldview. With endless opportunities illuminated before you, you’ll feel confident taking the first steps toward a life that is all your own.