First Academy-Leesburg

Basic Information

Address: 219 N 13th St, Leesburg, FL 34748
County: LAKE
Phone Number: 3527877762
Fax Number: 3523231773
Principal: Gregory Frescoln
School Type: College Preparatory Christian School

Action Shots

First Academy-Leesburg
First Academy-Leesburg
First Academy-Leesburg
First Academy-Leesburg

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Additional Information

Accreditation: Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI), COGNIA
Founded: 1988
Organization Affiliation: First Baptist Church-Leesburg
Ages/Grades: K-12
School Setting:

First Academy-Leesburg is located in downtown Leesburg on approximately 12 acres.

School Schedule: 8:10-3:10
School days in Calendar Year: 180
School Holidays: See On-line Calendar @
School Size: 500+
Classroom Size: Kindergarten (20), 1st-8th(22), 9th-12th(5-25)
Student/Teacher Ratio: 20:1(K5), 22:1(1st-8th), 5-25:1(HS)
Financial Aid:

Primarily scholarships distributed through Step Up For Students


Varies by grade level. First Academy-Leesburg does not use one publisher for all grades, but seeks to chose the curriculum based on student needs, as well as other factors.

Percentage of Graduating Class: 100% of students graduate with approximately 95%+ going on to some form of higher education
Support Services:

International Student Services, one elementary/middle school counselor, one high school counselor.

After School Programs: Yes
Computer Capabilities:

Students purchase their own laptop or chromebook.

School Championships:

First Academy-Leesburg offers football, cross-country, golf, volleyball, basketball, soccer, baseball, softball, cheerleading, tennis, and track & field.

School Clubs:

National Junior Honor Society, National Honor Society, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, National Hispanic Honor Society, theater, band, student government.

Notable Graduates/Alumni:

All of our graduates are notable, each in their own, individual way. We have had multiple student become military officers, others in law enforcement, first responders, some have enlisted in the military, some have started businesses. We have five former students that now teach at the school. Several students have obtained doctorates in academic subjects, several have become doctors or veterinarians, over thirty that have gone into health professions and over thirty that have become teachers. Many other professions are represented as well, such as IT, engineering, sales, insurance, etc.

Parking Spaces/Availability:


Uniform Guidelines:

K-5th are allowed to wear blue jeans or blue jean shorts, the First Academy-Leesburg logo shirt, and tennis shoes. Elementary may, and middle school and high school are required to wear the logo shirt, khaki, navy blue or black pants, shorts, skirts, or skorts.

Admissions Deadline: Rolling Admissions
Mission Statement:

Recognizing the Sovereign authority of Jesus Christ and submitting to His Lordship, the mission of First Academy-Leesburg is to equip students spiritually for service in the body of Christ, morally for citizenship in the United States of America, and academically for success in higher education or their chosen vocation.

Philosophy/Belief Statement: First Academy-Leesburg follows the tenets of the Baptist Faith and Message 2000.
School History: First Academy-Leesburg was founded in 1988. The first classes were kindergarten through 2nd grade. There was a total of twenty-nine students. The first graduating class graduated in 2006. The school has grown to over 500 students and in 2022, we had our 500th graduate! The academy has continued to provide a college-prep curriculum for the students for thirty-four years.
Programs and Services:

Athletics, band, cheerleading, theater, field trips, clubs, college admissions advice and guidance, approval from Immigration and Customs Enforcement(ICE) to admit international students, chapel services, field day, Homecoming Week/Spirit activities, foreign language (Spanish), dual enrollment through Lake Sumter State College and also through the University of South Florida. Some online courses through Florida Virtual School (FLVS), armed security guard on campus every school day, yearbook, Advanced Placement (AP) classes in calculus, Spanish, US history, human geography, English (11th & 12th grades), biology, and art history. All students in every grade take Bible class.