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Basic Information

Address: 3201 Hillsboro Pike Nashville, Tennessee 37215
County: Davidson
Phone Number: 615.354.0270
Fax Number: 615.354.0247
President: Tricia Drake, Head of School
School Type: Waldorf school

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Linden Waldorf School
Linden Waldorf School

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Additional Information

Founded: 1997
Ages/Grades: Early childhood / Pre-K through 8th grade
School Setting:

Linden Waldorf School is part of a global community of Waldorf schools. Set on twelve verdant acres in the heart of Nashville, Linden Waldorf School is non-sectarian and serves children from early childhood through grade eight.

The central location is easily accessed from any part of the city via I-440, Exit 3/Hillsboro Pike. An idyllic campus offers expansive green space, terraced vegetable, herb, and flower gardens, outdoor hard court, early childhood fenced play-yard, older children's playground, totem poles, and a rolling meadow for abundant outdoor time. The campus is shared with Trinity Presbyterian Church.

Waldorf education offers a panoply of specialty subjects that keep the students active and moving throughout the day. The early childhood section includes two parent/caregiver/toddler playgroups, two Pre-K classes (3-day and 5-day), and two mixed-age Kindergarten classes. Daily time with nature and a cycle of beautiful festivals enrich the early childhood curriculum. Grades 1-8 classrooms are located in three buildings on the spacious campus, with specialty subjects enlivening the academic curriculum; these are held both in and out of doors throughout all buildings.

School Size: 200
Classroom Size: grades maximum of 24
Student/Teacher Ratio: 7:1

$8,150 - $15,990

Financial Aid:

Need-based, determined by FACTS Tuition Management


Early Childhood
Grades 1-8
Fundamental to Waldorf education is the insight that children learn differently at different stages of development. This means that the curriculum of each grade is carefully chosen to work in harmony with the phases of the child’s inner development. It is designed to give children meaningful experiences at every age. Waldorf teachers create living, hands-on lessons that are brought with imagination and artistry. Ideally, class teachers remain with the same class throughout their five elementary years. As a result, the teacher and students build close, secure relationships that can accommodate individual needs and the teacher-parent relationship is a true partnership. Specialty teachers provide instruction in foreign languages, games and sports, practical skills, crafts, musical instruments and chorus.


Main Lesson blocks usually last from two to four weeks and focus on one subject. All Main Lessons incorporate the arts, including storytelling, movement, music, poetry, drama, drawing, painting, modeling, reading, mathmatics and writing. Students record and illustrate their lessons in Main Lesson books that are treasured for years.

Our trained teachers are committed to developing students' intellectual flexibility, independent judgment, and moral courage. Waldorf educators work with the conviction that childhood is sacred, that children learn naturally when the curriculum meets their developmental needs, that children's imaginations need to be nurtured and protected, and that students should be engaged through active, curious participation in their learning. Our faculty emphasizes the importance of children finding joy in learning and experiencing wonder and awe in the world around them.

Support Services:

Student Support Group, Extra Main Lesson, CyberCivics

Camp Programs: Yes
After School Programs: Yes
School Championships:

Waldorf graduates abound in all walks of life and include the former CEO of American Express and a Nobel Prize winner.

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Uniform Guidelines:

Non-logo clothing suitable for movement. Appropriate outdoor wear for all seasons.

Mission Statement:

Linden Waldorf School’s mission is to provide education that honors the developmental stages of childhood, cultivates a love of learning, and addresses the whole child through the head, hands, and heart.

Philosophy/Belief Statement: OUR VISION We envision a thriving intergenerational and diverse community of lifelong learners dedicated to fostering the ideals of Waldorf education with the intention of cultivating the intellectual curiosity, moral consciousness, and physical well-being of our students, families, and the greater community. WE VALUE Waldorf education and participating in its evolution; building on the foundation of Rudolf Steiner’s insights into child development and actively working to keep the education relevant to our time and place. Education that is developmentally appropriate, addresses the whole child, is academically challenging and fosters a lifelong love of learning. A thriving community built on the ideals of peace, joy, cooperation, collegiality, financial responsibility, diversity, integrity and respect. A deep connection with nature that nurtures wonder and reverence for the world around us. We value bio-dynamic agriculture and other forms of environmental stewardship that create a sustainable path into the future. A welcoming learning environment where faculty and staff strive to bring students to an understanding and experience of the common humanity of all the world’s people — transcending stereotypes, prejudices, and divisive barriers.
School History: Timeline LWS AT A GLANCE Year founded: 1997 Accreditation: Member, Association of Waldorf Schools of North America (AWSNA) Member, Waldorf Early Childhood Association of North America (WECAN) Member, Southern Association of Independent Schools (SAIS) Status: Non-sectarian, coeducational, 501(c)(3) nonprofit A Nashville School on a Global Stage Nashville anthroposophy study group meets to establish Waldorf Education Linden Corner School incorporates as Tennessee nonprofit Obtains 501(c)(3) status | Grade One class launches Independent Waldorf preschool initiatives organize in Nashville Grades and Early Childhood programs operate in West Meade East Nashville Early Childhood program joins Grades in Green Hills Kindergarten operates in East Nashville Grades classes move to Green Hills First 8th Grade graduates twelve students School becomes Linden Waldorf School Class of 2015 includes 100th graduate
Notes/School Information:


Year founded: 1997


Member, Association of Waldorf Schools of North America (AWSNA)

Member, Waldorf Early Childhood Association of North America (WECAN)

Member, Southern Association of Independent Schools (SAIS)

Non-sectarian, coeducational, 501(c)(3) nonprofit

Parent-Child, Early Childhood, Grades 1-8

Classroom Teacher-Student ratio: 1:7

Average Class Size: 14

Full or part-time faculty: 40

Percentage of students receiving tuition assistance in 2018-19: 23%