St. Dominic Catholic School

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Basic Information

Address: 18105 W. Capitol Drive
County: Waukesha
School District: Elmbrook
Phone Number: 1-262-783-7565
Fax Number: 1-262-783-5947
Principal: Mrs. Jill A. Fischer
School Type: Catholic Elementary School

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Additional Information

Accreditation: Wisconsin Religious and Independent Schools Association
Founded: 1959
Organization Affiliation: St. Dominic Catholic School is affiliated with the Archdiocese of Milwaukee.
Ages/Grades: K3-8
School Setting:

St. Dominic Catholic School is nestled among the western suburbs of Milwaukee on the eastern each of Waukesha county. Families living in Brookfield, Pewaukee, Menomonee Falls and Milwaukee have easy access to our parish and school due to its location on Capitol Drive.

School Schedule: Our school day begins at 7:50 AM and ends at 2:45 PM.
School days in Calendar Year: Our students attend school 180 calendar days per year.
School Holidays: Our children are on holiday for Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter. Our Easter break this year begins at noon on April 7 and extends through April 27. Our students will be dismissed for the summer on June 11.

St. Dominic Catholic School is a parish supported school. We offer a wonderful community atmosphere through our relationship with the parish community and greater Brookfield area. Our families engage in school sponsored events as well as service opportunities to meet the greater good.

School Size: Our current enrollment is 417 students.
Classroom Size: There are approximately 20 students per classroom. We offer two classrooms at each grade level.
Student/Teacher Ratio: In K3, there is a 5:1 student to adult ratio. In K4, there is a 10:1 student to adult ratio. In K5, there is a 12:1 student to adult ratio. Grades 1-8 experience an approximate 20:1 student ratio. Each of our kindergarten classes boast a classroom aide in addition to the lead teacher.

Tuition for a parishioner is $3,365 per child. Cost does decrease for each child. Tuition for a non-parishioner is $5,652. These numbers represent the tuition for students in grades K5-8.

Financial Aid:

Financial Aid is available through the parish.


Our school offers a traditional classroom structure where a homeroom teacher is responsible for educating all students in the areas of religion, reading, language arts/English, math, science, and social studies. We offer additional instruction in Spanish, music, physical education and art throughout the school week. Our middle school aged students experience the expertise of content area teachers in a class schedule similar to that of a traditional high school setting.


St. Dominic Catholic School is held accountable to the curriculum of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee. The curriculum may be viewed at under the tab labeled "About Us".

Percentage of Graduating Class: 100% of our students go on to high school with a good majority entering in at an honors or AP level placement.
Support Services:

In working to meet the needs of all of our students, we provide a full time reading specialist, two part time learning support teachers, part time guidance counselor and two part time media specialists.

After School Programs: Yes
Computer Capabilities:

At St. Dominic Catholic School we appreciate that our students are digital natives and much that they can accomplish is through the use of technology. We have a Smartboard in every classroom. All classrooms have from one PC to four PCs available. Teachers have access to a cart of 30 iPads. At this time we are building our wireless capacity to incorporate an additional 30 iPads for student use as well as exploring the use of laptops by our middle school age students.

School Championships:

We hold the honor of being the 2013 Padre Serra Boys Basketball Tournament Champions! Our 2013 girls volleyball team placed second in the Elizabeth Ann Seton Tournament. We hold many athletic and academic titles especially for our Math Club, SMART team and Forensics.

School Clubs:

Young Rembrandts Art Club
Fine Arts Association Drama Club
Math Club
SMART team - a competitive biomolecular engineering team of eighth graders
Student Council
Chess Club

Parking Spaces/Availability:

We are handicap accessible.

Uniform Guidelines:

At St. Dominic Catholic School, we believe that attire does both influence and reflect school behavior and learning. Therefore, we abide by a strict uniform policy as well as a strict non-uniform policy to assist in minimizing distractions and time spent "enforcing" dress code policies. Student attire should reflect a sense of respect for themselves and those around them. The school atmosphere, in general, should maintain a sense of connection with Catholic School traditions and values.

Admissions Deadline: We are currently accepting applications.
Mission Statement:

St. Dominic Catholic School, working cooperatively with parents, strives to teach every student about the Catholic faith and its traditions, while building a strong foundation of academic excellence.
Message: To demonstrate an active response to the Gospel call through our examples, attitudes, and interactions with others in everyday life.
Community: To encourage the students and families to foster an atmosphere of thoughtfulness and respect where Catholic values are evident.
Worship: To invite students and families to be actively involved in the worshiping community with their sacramental, liturgical and prayer life.
Service: To understand and proactively respond to the needs of those less fortunate.
Academic: To nurture a desire for continuing intellectual and spiritual growth.

Philosophy/Belief Statement: We believe that, through the combined efforts of the faculty, parents, and pastoral staff, St. Dominic Catholic School provides exemplary Catholic education. Goals: 1. To recognize each child as an exceptional individual with talents and abilities to be developed to each child's full potential. 2. To enhance and support academics with religious faith and values. 3. To encourage each child's spiritual, creative, physical, psychological and social growth. 4. To provide an academic environment that challenges each individual and cultivates a desire for a lifetime of learning. 5. To teach respect, acceptance, and justice for all people in the tradition of Catholic Social Justice Teaching. 6. To fulfill the standards of the Milwaukee Archdiocese and the State of Wisconsin.
School History: Our school history dates back to 1842 with the establishment of a 20 family enclave in the town of Marcy. This rural gathering of families were the humble beginnings of St. Dominic Catholic Church. The missionary priests of Milwaukee would travel out west to Marcy to assist in the sacramental life of the people. St. Dominic maintained its missionary status through the end of World War II. In 1956, the archdiocese granted a church be established to serve Catholics in the Brookfield and Menomonee Falls area. On July 27, 1958, the community held the ground breaking ceremony to begin the building of their new church and school. The cornerstones were set on August 28, 1959 and the doors were opened to the first students of St. Dominic Catholic School. To begin, there were 8 grades, 8 classrooms, a library and 259 pupils. The parish and school experienced tremendous growth causing the construction of an addition to the school in 1961. When the addition was dedicated in May of 1962, enrollment had reached 577 students. In 2012, the parish opened its doors to a new arts and activities center and athletic facility. St. Dominic Catholic School continues to experience the many blessings of God as it enters into its fifty fifth year of existence.
Programs and Services:

In addition to our quality instruction we offer several extracurricular programing. Students in grades 1-8 are able to participate in our string orchestra (violin, viola, cello). Students in grades 4-8 are able to participate in our band program. We also offer forensics for students in grades 6-8. We offer organized sports in grades 5-8 in the areas of volleyball, basketball and track. We host a summer Tball program for children in grades K-2.

St. Dominic Catholic School also offers extended care programming to meet the needs of our working families. Care is provided before school from 7:00-7:30 and after school from 2:45-5:45. Families enrolled in our half day K3 and K4 program have the opportunity to utilize our extended care program to balance out their schedule.

Notes/School Information:

St. Dominic Catholic School invites you to visit our website and explore the many options we have available to you to experience a quality Catholic education. We are a community of humble excellence who are more than happy to share their school with you. Please contact us with your questions and to set up a time to come and visit our wonderful school.