Basic Information

County: Broward
School District: Broward School District
Phone Number: 954-607-5888
Fax Number: 954-667-
President: Jacques Houssou
Principal: Jacques Houssou
School Type: Private School

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Additional Information

Accreditation: Cognia
Founded: 2020
Organization Affiliation: Cognia- NCAA-
Ages/Grades: 11 to 18- Grade 6 to Grade 12
School Setting:

Commercial Zoning

School Schedule: 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM
School days in Calendar Year: 180 days
School Holidays: 11 days


School Size: 580 capacity
Classroom Size: 10
Student/Teacher Ratio: 13/1

12900 & 14900

Financial Aid:

available upon request Florida residents


One of the essential advantages of E-schooling online is that technology facilitates and helps personalize the learning process and teaching approaches. A 1 on one device-to-student ratio makes it easier for students to engage in unique learning experiences, work at their own pace, and pursue their interests. USAA organization holds license agreements to Ignitia & OdysseyWare LMS/curriculums. These curriculums give access to a broader range of content and resources that are not readily available in a learner’s physical location.
USAA LMS platform with easily accessible and interactive materials enables students to establish a personal learning style. Therefore, our students can gradually process course materials (not all at once) and acquire new knowledge faster and more efficiently. Teachers are there to monitor and support the progress of individual students and to focus on helping them improve the areas where they

Percentage of Graduating Class: N/A
Support Services:


Camp Programs: Yes
After School Programs: Yes
Computer Capabilities:


School Championships:


School Clubs:

Project based learning

Notable Graduates/Alumni:


Parking Spaces/Availability:

space available

Uniform Guidelines:

Red/Navy Blue- White-Navy blue

Admissions Deadline: August 25
Mission Statement:

Excel the expectations and open up opportunities for a bright future for our students

Philosophy/Belief Statement: We believe in the power of exploration, mentorship, and belonging to a community at USA Academics. Empowerment is something we hope to give to our future leaders. We strive to provide young leaders the tools and mentorship they need to succeed while exposing them to various industries and allowing them to network with key industry leaders.
School History: Encouraged by the idea that we can create a better world by empowering young leaders, I founded USA ACADEMICS to bridge the gap between education in the classroom and real-world opportunities. We lead students to gain hands-on experience to hone their leadership, negotiation, public speaking, empathy, and creativity skills. About the Founder of USA ACADEMICS At 21, as a young immigrant in the US, deciding on a career path felt overwhelming. I had minimal tools and mentors who could help me make an educated decision on what path would be best for me based on my passions, skills, and interests. With little direction, I majored in Business Management and information technology, where I took on multiple internships and work opportunities in New York, NY. Ultimately, I switched careers and took a different path because I lacked the single most crucial element: PASSION. Fast forward to the present day, as Ph.D. Candidate in Public Policy & Administration in bringing social changes in our communities; where I am proud to have built “Quantum H Camp,” a program and a community that provides resources to help students clarify their passions and realize their goals through hard work, networking, and transparency in corporate culture.
Programs and Services:

Middle School program
High school Curriculum

Notes/School Information:
  • Aligned to national and state standards
  • User-friendly for both student and parent
  • Text to speech allows students to hear selected passages or entire lessons
  • Translates lessons into 23 different languages
  • Powerful easy to use reporting
  • Assignment list that shows students what is due each day
  • AP courses, ACT prep, and over 80 career courses