Bartholomews Tutorial College

Basic Information

Address: Bartholomews Tutorial College 22-23 Prince Albert Street Brighton, bn1 1hf
County: East Sussex
Phone Number: 01273205965
Principal: William Duncombe

Action Shots

Bartholomews Tutorial College
Bartholomews Tutorial College
Bartholomews Tutorial College
Bartholomews Tutorial College

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Additional Information

School Type: Independent
Founded: 1985
Ages/Grades: 14-21
School Size: max 40 students
Classroom Size: 1 student per class
Student/Teacher Ratio: 1:1
Admissions Requirements:

No entry requirements

Admissions Deadline: Students can join any time of the year
Mission Statement:

We are a small independent college based in Brighton, offering 1:1 tuition to GCSE and A level students. This can be for those taking exams for the first time, or retake candidates. We have been open since 1985 and have supported hundreds of students through their education and on to their next steps.

Philosophy/Belief Statement: At Barts, our focus is on both academic success and student wellbeing. We place an emphasis on value added in terms of grades. We encourage our students to achieve to the best of their abilities, however that may look like for them.