Bamako International Academy

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Basic Information

Address: Rue 308 Porte 5 Torokorobougou, Bamako.
Phone Number: +223 44904077, 70059709, 90506939
Director/Owner: Arthur Wilson

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Additional Information

Ages: 3 - 14 year olds
Accreditation/Affiliation: MSA-CESS (Calvert Education)
Nationalities: Multi-national
Language(s): English
School Types: International

$3.500 - $8.000

Financial Aid:

Offers TLA

Enrollment: 75
School Schedule (Hours in Day): 7:30 AM - 2:15 PM (Monday - Friday)

Multi - national.

Classroom Size: Average
Student/Teacher Ratio: 10 / 1

Calvert School Curriculum (American).

Computer Capabilities:

Computer Lab

Extracurricular Activities: Yes
Parking Spaces/Availability:


Admissions Requirements:

Completed student application form, previous academic records, photocopy of child inoculation certificate, compulsory Calvert placement test for students who wish to be enrolled in 4th - 8th grade classes.

Admissions Deadline: August 20.
School History:

Bamako International Academy opened in 2006 and was established to cater to the needs of the English speaking families in Bamako for a quality but an affordable English primary / middle school education. Like other Calvert partner schools around the world, BIA offers the internationally recognized and time-tested Calvert curriculum to its students. Our students are enrolled with Calvert ATS program which allows them to receive US-accredited transcripts / certificates and ensure their pathway to high school education in US or abroad.

Employment Opportunities: No Openings for now.
Notes/School Information:

Bamako International Academy provides internationally recognized English language-based education to its students. Our school is located right in the city of Bamako, Mali. We strive to be an inclusive school, which provides equallity of place to all students in an environment that fosters friendship, co-operation and high quality learning.

We hope this website not only gives you information about us but gives you insight into the purpose, focus and vibrancy of our school, the commitment and cohesion of our community and sharing, child centered ethos that form the basis of all we do. Whether you are a parent or a child who is already a member of our community or are considering our school for your child in the future we hope you find the information here both interesting and useful.

At BIA, we welcome parents and students as partners in the education process. We believe that a successful partnership involves close co-operation, support and trust as well as recognizing that the best education can only be provided when we have a shared vision and responsibility.