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Basic Information

Address: Tanjung Bungah 11200 Penang, Malaysia
Phone Number: 604-375-2100
Director/Owner: Karl Steinkamp, Head of School

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Dalat International School
Dalat International School
Dalat International School
Dalat International School

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Additional Information

Ages: 3 years to 18 years (PK - Grade 12)
Accreditation/Affiliation: Western Association of Schools and Colleges; Association of Christian Schools International
Nationalities: 25+ various
Language(s): English
School Types: Private, international, Christian, American, day and boarding high school

RM13,000 to RM50,000

Financial Aid:

Dalat does offer financial aid

Enrollment: 720 students
School Setting:

Dalat's beautiful seaside campus is located on the island of Penang, Malaysia in the Straits of Malacca. The school’s seven+ acres of modern classrooms, new boarding facilities facing on the sea, athletic fields and courts, and large performance spaces is fully equipped with well maintained facilities to accommodate 720 day and boarding students.

School Schedule (Hours in Day): August to June school year; length of school day varies based on grade levels.

We are small school that allows for teachers and staff to really know and work one-on-one with each student. Close relationships between faculty and students and a high level of engagement with families creating a strong sense of community at Dalat. Through common pursuit of an education for life, through shared experiences, and learning about new cultures together, students who live and learn at Dalat take what they've learned into the rest of their lives.

Classroom Size: 20-24

English, History, Mathematics, Sciences, Bible, Sports, Visual Arts, Music, Economics, and a large variety of extra-curricular programs.


The four-year program of studies leading to the American High School Diploma balances a broad exposure to the major academic disciplines while encouraging students to pursue in-depth study in areas of personal interest through a choice of electives. Dalat provides a North American-based education, preparing students for entry into colleges and universities around the world. At the completion of four years of study and 24 units of credit, students receive the American high school diploma. The curriculum and instruction provide a broad basis in general education and a strong preparation for university systems worldwide.

Exams: The Advanced Placement Program, commonly called AP, offers college level courses at high schools with American and Canada curricula. Dalat International School currently offers nine Advanced Placement courses on campus and 30 others online, depending on demand. Dalat courses usually include AP English Language, AP English Literature, AP Calculus AB and Calculus BC, AP Psychology, AP Chemistry, AP Mandarin, AP Art Studio and AP Music Theory. A student may take a maximum of nine AP courses during their study at Dalat. AP exam scores are also required for admission to most universities in the UK if a student is graduating from Dalat. Dalat also provides university entry exams including the SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) and PSAT, and ACT (American College Test).
Support Services:

Dalat's Learning Support program provides educational assistance to students with mild to moderate special needs. The goal is to provide supports and consulting services for students in grades K-12 to help develop independence for students in their classes and to achieve success in their learning. A range of services are available, such as educational and behavioral assessments, classroom observations, individual education plans, individual or small group instruction, class-based support, homework assistance. Consultative advice and support is also provided for classroom teachers and parents. Student counseling services are available to all students throughout the year to assist them with a variety of issues. Counseling is one of the many ways we care for and support students in their academic life.

English as an Additional Language (EAL): Dalat International School accepts students who are studying English as a second language, but students must have sufficient English to participate in the mainstream classroom. EAL students spend the majority of their day studying alongside native English speakers, and they are required to complete a full school curriculum. Second language students receive regular EAL classes to support them in their English studies. The main goal of the EAL program at Dalat is to prepare students to be successful in the regular classroom so they can benefit from the mainstream curriculum.

Computer Capabilities:

Fully computer accessible campus; all students have access to school computers; HS students are assigned personal iPads to use during their tenure at Dalat.

Extracurricular Activities: Dalat provides extensive extracurricular programming for every school division. Students can choose grade level appropriate new skills to learn, participate in athletics programs and fine arts classes after school.
Admissions Requirements:

Students of all nationalities are welcome to apply to Dalat, as we seek a diverse student body. Dalat also admits academically qualified Malaysian students. Dalat’s policy states that all students attending the school are expected to live with their parents or documented legal guardian in Penang, or to live in one of the school’s boarding homes. All expatriate students studying at Dalat must apply for a student pass.

Dalat’s age admission policy states that children entering the elementary school must be age appropriate for their grade level by August 1st of the year they are enrolling.

Admissions Information for the Current School Year; For applications to be processed for enrollment in August when a new school year begins, applications must be completed by May 1st of that same year.
For enrollment in January (2nd semester) applications must be completed by December 15th of the prior year. We encourage parents who desire to enroll their child at Dalat to contact our Admissions Department regarding spaces available in all grades, as there may be very limited room in some grades and in Dalat’s English as an Additional Language program (EAL).

Enquiries regarding placement for new students are very important to us. Please contact the Admissions Department at admissions@dalat.org for additional information regarding admission and for an appointment to tour Dalat International School. Unscheduled visits to the school are discouraged and not usually very productive.

Admissions Deadline: May 1 prior to August start of the school year. Some flexibility in enrollment deadlines may be possible, based on classroom availability.
Mission Statement:

Education for life, founded on a biblical worldview.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

Dalat International School seeks to provide an education that goes beyond pure academics: “education for life” trains the next generation to be people of character, integrity and compassion; prepare them to make a positive impact on the world whatever their career choice, and wherever they live. Our vision is that students will know God and impact their world for His glory.

School History:

Dalat School was opened by the Christian & Missionary Alliance in 1929 in Dalat, Vietnam to educate the children of mission families in that region. The school grew and thrived in Vietnam for many years, but as the Vietnam War escalated, the US Embassy in Saigon informed school leaders that they must pack up and leave on April 16, 1965. The students, teachers and their possessions were relocated together to Bangkok, Thailand where they lived and studied in temporary quarters for eight months. An appropriate campus for a school was then identified and the school moved to Tana Rata in the Cameron Highlands of Central Malaysia. As the school grew to nearly 200 students, they outgrew the campus and administrators began to look for another location in Malaysia. They found a former British army facility on the Straits of Malacca in Penang, and in 1971 Dalat leased Sandycroft, the name of the property where, and moved the school during summer break. In 2015 the school signed a new agreement to secure the current location of Dalat International School campus through 2043. The Dalat community has invested in several new replacement buildings on the campus, and the school has grown to it current maximum capacity of 720 students.

Travel/Living Accommodations: Dalat's Boarding Program holds up to 54 students in three different dorm environments. Typically, the boarding program is available for students in Grade 6 and above.
Employment Opportunities: Dalat recuits internationally beginning in November for qualified teachers and staff to join the school for the upcoming school year.