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Address: 3080 Broadway, New York, NY 10027
County: New York
School District: New York
Phone Number: 212 678 8938
Fax Number: 212 678 8062

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Additional Information

President: Avi Garelick
School Type: Supplementary school
Founded: 1959
Ages/Grades: 8th - 12th
School Setting:

In the Beit Midrash at one of America's finest Jewish universities.

School Size: 15-25
Student/Teacher Ratio: 6:1


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Beit Midrash; Modern Hebrew


Our curriculum is a blend of traditional beit midrash and progressive project-based learning.

Notable Graduates:

Abe Foxman, Prof. Ben Sommer, Dara Horn

Notes/School Information: About Prozdor

The Rebecca and Israel Ivry Prozdor High School of JTS has been the premier supplementary Hebrew high school of New York City for over 60 years. It is the center for academic Judaic and Hebrew studies for students in grades eight through twelve attending public or private school in the New York metropolitan area, offering Hebrew language, traditional beit midrash learning, and experiential programming.


Prozdor students will experience an innovative blend of traditional beit midrash learning and progressive educational methods.


The heart of Prozdor's academic program, these periods will allow students to work together to delve into biblical and rabbinic texts and to understand them on their own terms. With support and guidance from their teachers, students will gain tools to approach these texts and ideas in an authentic and accessible way. In the process, they will build skills for Jewish text study and engage deeply with the core concepts and values of Jewish tradition.

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All Prozdor students take interactive Hebrew language classes.


Inspiring and thought-provoking leaders in the Jewish community will offer periodic classes and presentations, introducing students to fresh ideas and broadening their thinking about what it means to be Jewish in the 21st century.

Social Time

Every Sunday at Prozdor includes a half-hour bagel break, where students get to know one another and form lasting friendships with other like-minded Jewish teens.


Prozdor faculty are passionate and experienced Jewish educators who excel in making Torah come alive for 21st-century teens.

Application Information
  • Prozdor tuition is $2,500 per student, per academic year.
  • New families receive a 10% discount on tuition.
  • No prospective student is turned away for inability to pay. Please email for information about applying for financial aid.

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