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Address: Friedrichstraße 35, 70174 Stuttgart
Phone Number: +4971160187650
Director/Owner: Gordana Novosel

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Founded in 1972 as a branch of "The Pitman School of English", we have continuously developed our course and exam programmes, changing our name to reflect our expansion. Today, the anglo-german institute offers German, English and Spanish courses and exams at all levels, including preparation courses and exams for the University of Cambridge, telc, TestDaF and TOEFL. In addition, we run a state-certified training course for Business Studies in English and Spanish.

We believe in learning communication by practicing communication. The target language is the lesson language from day one. You develop good speaking and learning habits from the start that foster the learning process during your training and beyond.

Our modern, learner-centred approach varies based on the needs and learning styles of our students. Learning is efficient, interactive and fun. Authentic materials and media cultivate a realistic atmosphere of teamwork with positive effects beyond the classroom as well, including many long-lasting friendships! Language learning is teamwork. Experience the joy of language with us.

Our teachers are experienced and qualified specialists. They have unique backgrounds and bring a broad range of knowledge into the classroom. Through further professional training and seminars, our teachers not only exchange view and continuously improve, but also stay up to date on new teaching methods and strategies.