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Basic Information

Address: International Programs 2956 Florence Dr SW Grand Rapids MI 49418-9736 USA
Phone Number: 1-616-827-7525
Fax Number: 1-616-777-5278

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International Programs
International Programs
International Programs
International Programs

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Additional Information

Ages: The programs are open to all ages

We are an international education organization with a portal promoting and marketing quality pre-screened language, study abroad, internship, volunteer and degree programs abroad, allowing students to apply immediately on our web-site!


Pricing varies depending on location & length of stay

Course Levels: All levels
Admissions Deadline: Programs are offered all year around!
Application Process:

Take advantage of our interactive educational web-site! Search and apply for a program of your interest in 3 easy steps:
1. search for a program in the destination of your choice
2. filter and compare your results
3. apply for the program you have chosen

Mission Statement:

Amazing Experiences, Quality Programs, Diverse Cultures - we are here for you!

Notes/School Information:


  • We have programs for all ages


  • We offer programs on different continents, in multiple languages


  • We offer 5 types of educational programs including study abroad, volunteer, language programs, internships and degree programs


  • Our programs are open to all nationalities and our web-site is available in multiple languages


  • Our professional experts are ready to help applicants at any stage of the application process




  •  We continually provide students with the latest information about all programs, so they may apply or sign up immediately through our web-site
  • We actively promote and market our program offerings on our web-site as well as other web-site that list study abroad, language, internship, volunteer and degree programs
  • We insure that students are properly registered for the program they have chosen. Ensuring that the program provider provides us with confirmation that the are expecting the student
  • After student has been accepted to a program we will provide visa assistance and other logistical support and  act as a liaison between the students and program provider
  • We provide international payment solutions insure registration with the chosen program, and provide visa assistance and logistical support 
  • We act as a financial intermediary between the student and the program collecting the fee from the student and forwarding the correct amount to the program provider