Parla Language School

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Basic Information

Address: Av. Roma 112 Barcelona ,​​08015
Phone Number: 0034934533102
Director/Owner: Maite Martinez

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Additional Information

School Schedule (Hours in Day): 10-13 and 16-20.30
School Size: 150
Classroom Size: 4-8
Notes/School Information:

Parla Language School was founded in 2001 by Maite Martínez , a Spanish philologist with extensive teaching experience in Spain and abroad and current director of the center.

After his extensive experience teaching adults, youth and children in Spain, the United States and the United Kingdom , he decided to create his own language school in Barcelona's left Eixample where quality language training was provided in a comfortable and pleasant environment.

Parla, throughout its history, has grown and established itself as a high-quality language school thanks to the fact that it has known how to satisfy the needs of its students. We continue in a constant search for improvement, always listening to our students.