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Basic Information

Address: New York, USA
Phone Number: +13153595868
Director/Owner: Rafiq Ahmed

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Additional Information

Languages used as a Medium of Teaching: English, Arabic
Course Levels: Beginners to Advanced Quran Courses
Mission Statement:

It is our goal to bring Allah the Almighty's blessings and pleasure by delivering His message to the people of the world, whether they are Muslims or not. Our goal is to convey the essence of Islamic teachings to our students. Moreover, our primary goal is to teach the holy Quran online using the rules of Tajweed as a guide. As educators, it is important to us that our students become positive role models in their communities, both in terms of Islam and in terms of human decency and morality. We intend to deliver Islamic theory to our children, women, and adults by introducing and teaching Islamic studies.

Notes/School Information:

Quran Easy offer a wide range of kids Quran classes and courses ranging from Quran teaching, Learning tajweed to kids and more. We firmly believe that reading the Quran fluently should not be the only focus, understanding the Quran for kids is essential too, and that is what we focus at our Online Quran Academy, a complete curriculum that covers all. We strive to teach the Quran Classes and its value effectively.

Flexible Timings 24/7 at Our Online Quran Academy

We understand that at times it gets quite challenging to be on schedule especially in today's world and going to a madarsa or having a Quran tutor over can be a bit challenging at times, that is why we offer a reading and learning Quran classes to kids.

Quran Easy offer a variety of well-structured lesson plans for the children in USA, UK and Canada. Taking into account the children's proclivity for learning and concentrating, we devised customised plans to suit their individual needs.

This makes teaching the Quran to children online more convenient.