Rio Abajo Community Library

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Basic Information

Established: 1999
Schedule: Tues, Wed, Thur 11am-6pm; Fri 9am-1pm
Address: 28 Calle de Centro, Sur
Phone Number: 505-861-8289
Director: Donna Hernandez

Action Shots

Rio Abajo Community Library
Rio Abajo Community Library
Rio Abajo Community Library
Rio Abajo Community Library

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Additional Information

Computer Capabilities:

Public computers with Windows 10, Microsoft Office Suite, internet

Education Programs: online GED classes, online English classes
Summer Programs: Summer Reading Programs, online GED classes, online English classes
Membership Details:

Everyone residing in northern Socorro County, New Mexico are able to receive free enrollment.

Library History:

The Rio Abajo Community Library (RACL) was originally founded in 1999 in order to address the abysmal graduation rate by children in northern Socorro County, which fluctuated between 3-17%. Of integral significance was the support from the La Joya Community Development Association (LJCDA). With encouragement from the entire village, LJCDA provided RACL with full use of the 1,000 sq. ft. community building for a very nominal annual lease. Obviously, this has proven to be the pivotal point for the Library's present existence.

Unlike municipal libraries, RACL is owned and operated by its patrons, volunteers and donations, so everyone who takes out books or uses the Library's facilities has a direct voice and impact on its growth and development. Our community is made up of 14 rural villages with farming/ranching families, and per New Mexico's latest Census information, is the 2nd poorest region of the state (second only to the Navajo Nation in the Northwest corner of the state).

Today, our youth have a graduation rate that exceeds 90%, and although continuing to rely on volunteers and donations, numerous programs and activities are sponsored with support from the community and assorted small grants from numerous foundations


St. Paddy's Day Bingo
ALA/YALSA-Dollar General Summer Intern Program
Summer Reading Program: "Libraries Rock"
Computer Challenge
Hispanic Month's "Loteria" (Mexican Bingo)