St. Paul Lutheran School

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Basic Information

Address: 2624 Burgundy Street , New Orleans , LA , 70117
County: Orleans Parish
Congregation: St. Paul Lutheran Church
Phone Number: 504-947-1773
Fax Number: 504-945-3743

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St. Paul Lutheran School
St. Paul Lutheran School
St. Paul Lutheran School

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Additional Information

President: Chuck Schiller
School Type: Elementary
Founded: 1840
Organization/Membership: Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod
Ages/Grades: Pre-School (3 & 4 years), kindergarten, 1st to 8th grades
School Setting:


School Size: 177 students
Classroom Size: No more than 24 students in a class
Student/Teacher Ratio: 16/1

$3,650 per year for one child; $5,800 per year for two children; $7,750 per year for three or more children

Financial Aid:

Yes - as determined by family income


(Self-contained classrooms)


Reading and Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Religion, Art, Music, Physical Education, and Health

Support Services:

Title I services in math and reading

Camp Programs: No
After School Programs: Yes
Computer Capabilities:

Internet connected in every classroom; SMARTBOARDS - internet connected in grades 1st to 8th; Accelerated Reader & Accelerated Math

Uniform Guidelines:

Red or white cotton/poly "polo" style school logo shirts - navy or khaki colored pants or shorts

Admissions Requirements:

Generally students may not be more than one grade level below current grade in math or reading. Special circumstances are considered

Mission Statement:

The mission of St. Paul Lutheran School is to share the Gospel and to provide for spiritual, intellectual, and social growth in a Christ-centered environment.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

St. Paul Lutheran Church provides Lutheran education in reponse to the commands of God and His love. The church believes that education is the most effective means to show children that they are creations of God and for them to know God's grace through Jesus Christ. The congregation believes that Lutheran education leads children to identify themselves as forgiven and reconciled children of God called to witness, to forgive, and to reach out with God's love to fellow students, to parents and guardians, to teachers, and to the community at large. The congregation believes that in a Lutheran school children are given the confidence to believe that they have been gifted with a sound mind and an impressionable personality, with definite physical, mental, social, and mental needs, which can be nurtured and developed. Finally St. Paul Lutheran Church believes that Lutheran education provides a positive teacher student relationship based in the love of Christ. This relationship sets the tone for relationship between classmates, family members, and others in the community.

School History:

St. Paul Lutheran School was founded in 1840 by German immigrants at the same time they established St. Paul Lutheran Church in the Faubourg Marigny section of New Orleans. They believed that Christian education was an essential component of serving the community in which they were located. The school has been in continuous operation since then, although at one time it was a joint operation of St. Paul Lutheran Church and First English Lutheran Church . St. Paul Lutheran School continues to serve the Faubourg Marigny as well as the surrounding communities.

Notes/School Information:

St. Paul Lutheran School is currently accepting students from the State of Louisiana 's 'Scholarships for Educational Excellence' program. This program provides free tuition and other fees for families residing in Orleans Parish whose children had been previously enrolled in a 'failing school'.

Detailed information about school registration, fees, school calendar, current school information, and pictures of life at St. Paul Lutheran School can be found on the web site.