Rock Island Center for Math & Science

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Basic Information

Address: 2101 16th Avenue
County: Rock Island
School District: Rock Island/Milan School District #41
Phone Number: 309-793-5995
Fax Number: 309-793-5999
Principal: Dr. RuthAnn Tobey-Brown

Action Shots

Rock Island Center for Math & Science
Rock Island Center for Math & Science
Rock Island Center for Math & Science

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Additional Information

School Type: Public Choice
Accreditation: Illinois
Founded: 2009
Ages/Grades: PreK-6th
School Setting:

The school is situated in the heart of Rock Island, Ilinois on almost 10 acres of wooded nature trails. It is a place where creative, innovative ideas are encouraged to challenge students and make learning exciting, where teachers can be flexible in meeting students' needs. It is a place where parents and teachers are partners to help students learn and grow.

School Schedule (Hours in Day): Six and 1/2 hours
School Days in Calendar Year: 180/balanced calendar
School Colors: Blue and Silver
School Mascot: Tornado
School Holidays: Veteran's Day, Christmas, New Years, Martin Luther King Jr. birthday, President's Day, Good Friday/Easter, Memorial Day
School Size: 500+
Classroom Size: 800 square feet
Student/Teacher Ratio: 25:1

Self contained except for music and physical educaton


We have a balanced language arts and math program. Thematic teaching enables our teachers to incorporate science and social studies across the curriculum. Inquiry method and problem based learning are utilized in these themes. Illinois Math and Science Academy are partnering with our school and have a field office and training room located at our school

Support Services:

Youth Service Bureau
Robert Young Clinic

Camp Programs: Yes
After School Programs: Yes
Computer Capabilities:

One of our priorities is to use technology as a seamless tool in our teaching and learning. The teachers use laptops and desktops daily with their students. We also use NEO 2s as a response mechanism, keyboarding and word processing. The teachers utilize a "smart board", document cameras and projectors in their instruction on a daily basis.

School Clubs:

E2K+ (IMSA after school club for gifted students)
Environmental club
Leadership club

Parking Spaces/Availability:

Parking lot

Admissions Requirements:

Students need to be a resident of Rock Island #41 school district in order to  apply.  If there is room at that grade level then we nvite them to attend.  We ask that the parents and students sign a parent involvement contract which states that the parents will see that homework is submitted, make certain that they are in attendance each day and that the parents are involved in our school in some way every quarter.

Admissions Deadline: Ongoing
Mission Statement:

Preparing today's students for tomorrow's world

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

All children can and will learn
Student Focused
Collaboration with all stakeholders
Thematic Teaching
Multiage classrooms
Continued learning for all
Data driven decision making
Effective and consistent classroom management
Positive Climate

School Motto: No child left inside