Charlotte Montessori School

Basic Information

Address: 219 East Blvd., Charlotte NC 28203
County: Mecklenburg
School District: Charlotte-Mecklenburg
Phone Number: 704-332-7733
Fax Number: 704-370-6111

Action Shots

Charlotte Montessori School
Charlotte Montessori School
Charlotte Montessori School
Charlotte Montessori School

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Additional Information

School Type: Montessori
Founded: 1971
Ages/Grades: 15 months-Kindergarten
School Setting:

We are nestled in the heart of Dilworth. A short commute to downtown Charlotte.

School Size: 77 students, 5 classrooms
Classroom Size: Our Primary classes included 12 children and 2 teachers. Our TK classrooms include 22 children and 2 teachers.
Student/Teacher Ratio: 6:1, 15:1

depending on program

Financial Aid:



Montessori Method

Percentage of Graduating Class: 100%
Support Services:

Outside Speech and Hearing Services available

Parking Spaces/Availability:

parking lot is located off Cleveland Blvd.

Admissions Requirements:

Interested Parents may set up an appointment for a tour. All tours are conducted at 10am. Once they decide that Charlotte Montessori is a great fit for their child's early education needs, they would submit an application with the application fee. This would place the child on our wait list.

Mission Statement:

The Charlotte Montessori School is committed to providing an environment for our children in which they may explore and expand the boundaries of their lives. Our classrooms meet and challenge the needs of each child, and provide a calm environment for learning and growth. Finally, we are committed to using the methods developed by Dr. Maria Montessori that will provide the children with what she termed, "an education for life".

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

We inspire children to care about learning and to become self-starters who set their own high standards for work and social interaction in an emotionally and physically safe environment. Using Montessori based applications and materials, our teachers help to instill in our children the desire to know, to inquire, and to expand the boundaries of their lives.

School History:

Charlotte Montessori School was founded in 1971 by a group of concerned parents who wanted more from education than was being offered by the other schools in Charlotte. Our school is the oldest Montessori School in Charlotte, and one of the oldest in the Southeast. We are located in the Historic Dilworth area of Charlotte and are a part of the "Southend" district of new shops, restaurants and housing. This is a great setting for the school, and we are ideally located for Charlotte Welcome Picture Metro Area residents, as well as for people working in uptown Charlotte. We moved in to our current location in 1995, completely renovated the building and are fortunate to have a bright, attractive facility in which to educate our children.

Notes/School Information:

We offer two Montessori Work Periods a day. Spanish is included in the curriculum every Monday during the school year. We work with the Community School of the Arts to offer music every Friday during the school year. Parents may choose to enroll their children in optional extracurricular activities held at the school such as: yoga, karate, cooking with Spanish, Noah's Art and tumbling.