Tara Montessori School

Basic Information

Address: 62 School Street Manchester by the sea MA 01944
County: Essex
School District: Manchester,Essex,Beverly.
Phone Number: 978 526 8487
Fax Number: 978 526 8797

Action Shots

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Additional Information

President: Toni Dunleavy
School Type: Montessori School
Founded: 1988
Ages/Grades: 3 months / 6 years
School Setting:

Quite family neighborhood,with a playground and lots of space for chidlren to ride bikes.

School Size: 50
Classroom Size: Varies depending on age of children
Student/Teacher Ratio: 1:9

varies depeding on age of child and days attended

Financial Aid:

Yes. Will work with family.


We have a gymnastics teacher who comes to the school weekly. We also have a music and movement teacher who provides fun with instruments, scarves and shakers.


All of the classes from the infant program thru Kindergarten are based upon the Montessori method of Education. This means that each child is alllowed to grow and explore at their own pace, with the guidance of a teacher. The specially prepared montessori classrooms allow this to happen. The child can explore the classroom where there is an abundent of beautiful montessori activities that call to the child's curiosity. Childrens minds are like sponges and the more exposure they receive the more inquisitive they become. The world is their oyser and they are the pearls. It is our duty as Montessori teachers to provide stimulating activities. These activites help with the growth and development of concentration, focus and the love of learning.

Percentage of Graduating Class: n/a
Support Services:

We work with Early Intervention programs in the area, and the local school which provides speech and OT services when needed.

Camp Programs: Yes
After School Programs: Yes
Computer Capabilities:


School Championships:


School Clubs:


Notable Graduates:


Parking Spaces/Availability:


Uniform Guidelines:


Admissions Requirements:

We have a rolling admission process. If we have spaces available we are happy to meet with new families through out the year.

Mission Statement:

Tara Montessori school is independent school that is committed to providing education and care for children from 3 months thru K. Our school promotes joy in learning, positive self esteem and deep respect for the child.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

Tara Montessori school is committed to educating children from diverse backgrounds. All chidren and families are treated with the upmost respect. Our school promotes the love of learning and positive character development as well as stimulating the intellectual, emotional,physical and social growth of the child through the Montessori method of education.

School History:

Many of the teachers have been with the school since its opening in 1988. The school has a welcoming feeling. We treat each child as if they are our own. The school has a home from home feeling. We feel we have created a warm and loving school where the children are happy to play and learn.