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Address: 12830 Burbank Blvd. #204 Valley Village, CA 91607
Phone Number: 818-766-7545
Person of Contact: Barry Michael Wehrli

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Wehrli Publications & Music Studio
Wehrli Publications & Music Studio
Wehrli Publications & Music Studio
Wehrli Publications & Music Studio

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Lesson Types: Piano, Keyboards, Music Production
Styles/Genres: Classical, Jazz, Blues, Pop, Rock
Instruction Levels: All Levels
Instruments Taught: Piano, Keyboards, Music Production
Hours: Monday through Saturday, by appointment
Ages: 5 to adult
Pricing: $30 - 60, depending on lesson length and location
Payment Methods: Cash, Check, Paypal
Setting/Location(s): In-home or at my Valley Village studio
Program Highlights:

* Real-world piano/keyboard training from an experienced, insightful and supportive teacher.
* Beginner through early-intermediate students work from innovative, published books written by the instructor.
* Additional subjects: improvisation, music theory, ear training, composition, electronic music, synthesis, recording, MIDI.

Recitals: Typically one per year, either in Spring or Fall.

My love for teaching piano and keyboards began in 1994. I teach students of all ages and ability levels, and have authored numerous innovative books. For beginner through early-intermediate students, I use my own holistic teaching books entitled The Classic Series, developed with my wife and fellow piano teacher, Linda Wehrli.

Students quickly develop music reading skill, hand coordination and aural awareness. As students advance, technique and music theory books from Wehrli Publications are incorporated. When the Classic Series Volume 2 method book is completed, repertoire specific to the individual's taste is emphasized while music theory and ear training continue to higher levels. Assignments and practice routines are easy to understand, so that students maximize the benefit of their lessons, and get the most for their money.

Education/Awards: My formal music instruction began at the age of eight on the piano, but I also studied both acoustic and electric guitar along the way. Through my high school and college years, I taught myself the ins & outs of synthesis and electronic music. I studied under Dr. Sandra Bostrom at Cal State University, Northridge and afterwards with renowned pianist Terry Trotter and ace keyboardist John Novello and have since performed in the United States, Canada and Europe. Today, I continue to teach, perform and produce music at my home studio and head Wehrli Publications.
Private Teaching Experience: Teaching privately and in groups since 1994.
Performance Credentials: 2011 to present - Keyboardist for Diamond Is Forever!: The Neil Diamond Experience. 2006 to present - Keyboardist for Hot August Nights: A Tribute to Neil Diamond. 1997 to 2003 - Keyboardist and guitarist for casuals band Van Gogh's Ear. 1995 to 1998 - Keyboardist for variety artist Bennie G, Jr. 1994 to 1996 - Keyboardist for Top40 band The Providers. 1989 to 1991 - Keyboardist and composer for contemporary jazz group High Maintenance. 1985 to 1988 - Keyboardist for original pop band Ethan. 1985 to 1990 - Concert manager, lighting tech and artist assistant at Cal State University, Northridge.
Mission Statement:

Students who thoroughly understand music concepts and techniques, can apply them, and are achieving their goals as a result.

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Authors: Barry Michael Wehrli, Linda Ruth Wehrli
Piano Practice and Performance is a collection of helpful and concise tips on correct practice techniques and performance strategies, researched and tested by the authors in their own practices. Intended for students and aspiring professionals, these vital tips will improve studies and confidence at the piano or keyboard.

Author: Barry Michael Wehrli
Essential Piano and Keyboard Technique is a thorough and comprehensive study of keyboard technique, taking early-intermediate students well into advanced levels. This book fulfills not only the current technical requirements established by the Music Teachers National Association (MTNA) and the Music Teachers' Association of California (MTAC), but exceeds them by providing important technique not found in either program. Four sections present technical exercises by category for easy reference.

Author: Barry Michael Wehrli
Mastering Intervals systematically develops mastery in reading, writing and hearing any interval, enhancing composition and improvisation skills. Included are 15 musical excerpts providing both interval analysis and other music theory insights as well as an Answer Manual where answers to written work can be readily checked.

Authors: Barry Michael Wehrli, Linda Ruth Wehrli
A holistic method for the beginning piano student, ages seven and up, this books uses easy-to-read words and music along with pronunciations and definitions. Five workshops guide the student from learning the names of the white keys on the keyboard through playing beginner-level arrangements of famous works by Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, American classics as well as compositions by the authors. Posture, ear training and sight-reading projects develop skills needed to play easily and beautifully. This book includes Checkouts at the end of each workshop ensure understanding, a Final Exam and a Certificate of Award presented at the end of the book.

Authors: Barry Michael Wehrli, Linda Ruth Wehrli
A holistic approach following Volume 1, for the early-intermediate student, this book contains five workshops introducing the student to subjects such as key signatures and accidentals, pedaling, ledger line notation and more complex rhythms. Music by classical and modern composers is arranged to demonstrate each subject, increasing in texture and complexity as the student progresses. Technical workouts develop strength and coordination, supplementing the technique found in Essential Piano and Keyboard Technique. Like Volume 1, this books includes Checkouts, a Final Exam and a Certificate of Award.

Authors: Barry Michael Wehrli, Linda Ruth Wehrli
This easy to use journal is for all instrumentalists at any level of instruction. The Weekly Practice Calendar establishes the student's practice days and times and the total practice hours per week. 52 Weekly Lesson Plans carry the student through a full year's study. These easy to use plans organize assignments by category and provide spaces for the sequence, duration and grading of each assignment. Four Quarterly Student Progress Reports assess the student's strengths and weaknesses, quarterly. Divided into eight study categories and a general comments section, these reports keep the student on track through the year. Completed Journals provide a running record of the student's progress.

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