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Address: 131 Business Center Drive Ormond Beach, FL 32174
Phone Number: 877-678-4259
Person of Contact: Morgan Morris

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Store Hours: 9am-5pm EDT
Area Served: Worldwide
Coupons/Discounts: "EDU5" at checkout for all education/university customers

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) CO2 Monitors
CO Detectors
VOC Sensors
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Our Mission is to provide best-in-class gas detection, monitoring, and analysis solutions while ensuring the safety, education, and long-term business of our partners and customers worldwide.

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By providing unique, high-quality, sensors, and devices CO2Meter strives each day and in each customer interaction to provide education about gas detection and monitoring, and to ensure the health, welfare, and safety of the public.

Company History:

Since its incorporation in 2006, CO2Meter works diligently to provide the latest, gas sensing technologies to solve the urgent needs of our partners, nationwide. Our extensive array of business partnerships includes companies in restaurant, beverage, agriculture, indoor air quality (IAQ), HVAC, universities, laboratories, public transportation, and much more.

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Benefits of Improving Indoor Air Quality with CO2 Meters
Did you know that the average individual spends 90% of their time indoors?

With so much time indoors, it's important to start thinking about the air we breathe.

The EPA reports that our indoor air can be anywhere from 2 to 5 times more polluted than outdoor air. These are the numbers we want to improve.

So take a moment, and get to know the air you breathe! Here are 3 benefits to improving indoor air quality with CO2 monitoring:

Occupant Comfort- By utilizing an indoor air quality monitor, you can eliminate potential contaminants that directly influence poor IAQ. This includes CO2, CO, particulate matter (PM2.5/10).
Increase in Productivity - Studies have shown, that with less CO2 buildup many people find that they gain back productivity, focus, and energy - three main areas where poor indoor air quality often influences.
Energy Efficiency - Utilizing CO2 monitors when occupying space can provide you with proper ventilation indicators, making energy costs significantly lower!