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Basic Information

Address: 981 gardenview office parkways
Phone Number: 3146807500

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Additional Information

Founder/President/Principal: Patti Greenberg
School Type: alternative online
Founded: 2005
Ages/Grades: k-12
School Size: 2000
Classroom Size: 1
Student/Teacher Ratio: 1:30


Financial Aid:



Math, science English, social studies, guidance, college bound


Edmentum, FLVS, Apex

Percentage of Graduating Class: 90%
Support Services:

daily teacher office hours, study alls, advisory

Mission Statement:

Educate, Motivate, graduate

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

Every student can learn

School History:

Started in my basement and has grown organically

Notes/School Information:

Our Approach

From unique tailored learning plans, to academic coaching, virtual fieldtrips, college assistance services, to one-on-one relationships with teachers and real-time school events and clubs, Greenways combines the benefits of traditional school with the flexibility and personalization of online learning

Academic Planning

Academic Planning is a vital part of the Greenways Academy educational process and allows us to understand your child's unique educational needs. Our academic planning includes a comprehensive orientation with parents and students for our full-time program. This helps families to become familiar with the online learning environment. We also provide a placement assessment to understand the child's level of learning, mastery skills and learning styles.

Online Classes

Whether you are searching for an alternative to public school or need access to extra courses for your struggling student, Greenways Academy offers one-on-one curriculum at every grade level from kindergarten through college. Since we first started accepting students at the turn of the century, our catalog for online classes has continued to expand and now features many options for continuing education through your adult years.

Basic Technology Requirements
  • Standard laptop or desktop computers with Windows or Mac OS are supported. Chromebooks and iPads are also supported.

    • Smart Phones and other mobile devices are not recommended. ​

  • Chrome or Microsoft Edge browsers are highly supported with our courseware.

  • We recommend a high-speed internet (Cable or DSL)

    • Hotspots and Other availability for Wi-Fi may not be supported or fast enough. ​

  • World Language courses require speakers and a microphone or a headset with microphone.

  • Other software may be needed depending on the course.