HSC Learning Center

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Basic Information

Address: Philadelphia, PA
Phone Number: 267-630-5572

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Additional Information

Founder/President/Principal: Tana Brown
School Type: Online English Learning Center
Ages/Grades: All
Mission Statement:

The fully virtual Home, School, and Community (HSC) Learning Center is committed to promoting sound literacy.

Notes/School Information:

HSC serves ambitious independent scholars, homeschoolers, at-risk students, and international students ages 12 and older. HSC also supports undergraduates as well as other adult scholars with any literacy needs such as basic composition, writing skills workshops, GED English, et cetera. We offer a number of original and exciting secondary and post-secondary level English Language Arts and English as a Second or a Foreign Language(ESL/EFL) courses and tutoring packages that meet the Common Core Standards(CCS). HSC also offers reading circles, writing workshops, and paper editing services.