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Phone Number: 855.447.4723
Fax Number: 715-463-2534

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Founder/President/Principal: Dr. Joni Burgin, Superintendent
School Type: Virtual Charter School
Founded: 2002
Ages/Grades: 6-12
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Because this school is built around you.

There's a reason why traditional classrooms don't work for everybody. They're one-size-fits-all—and you're not an "all." You're you. Every student has their own strengths, their own way to study and learn, their own dreams for the future. And at iForward, your future is what we're all about.

Everything you need is right here. A personalized education plan. Lively online classrooms. Regular one-on-one attention from teachers and counselors. The freedom to study how, when and where you want, thanks to a wide-ranging curriculum and anytime access to course materials. Even a prom.

All of that plus a diploma that can take you anywhere.

Our students succeed, in so many ways, because we know what works. We were one of the first full-time virtual schools in Wisconsin, and iForward still leads the way today—with new career prep course offerings that help students focus their education and get closer to a great career.

Is iForward the right school for you? There's only one way to find out.

Call 1-855-4HS-GRAD