Connecticut Down Syndrome Congress

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Basic Information

Address: PO Box 4487 Wallingford, CT 06492
Phone Number: 888.486.8537

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Additional Information

Mission Statement:

To advocate for the realization and enhancement of the full spectrum of human and civil rights for persons with Down syndrome
•To address social policy issues and conditions that affect the growth and the potential of persons with Down syndrome
•To gather and disseminate accurate information regarding Down syndrome
•To promote public awareness and a better understanding of Down syndrome
•To encourage partnerships between parents and medical and educational professionals concerned with Down syndrome
•To provide support to families of children with Down syndrome
•To encourage quality services for persons with Down syndrome

Area Served: all of Connecticut

Numerous local and state-wide activities: annual picnic, local playgroups, Mom's night outs, holiday parties, etc.

Conferences/Speakers: •Annual convention, featuring nationally known speakers, workshops on best practices in education, medicine and social issues, and the largest state-wide gathering of families and professionals concerned with Down syndrome. In addition to the annual convention, we co-sponsor parent/professional conferences with nationally known speakers, on such topics as Speech and language, medical issues, inclusive education and sexuality.

The Connecticut Down Syndrome Congress was formed in May 1986 as a special interest group to advocate for persons with Down syndrome in the state of Connecticut. Today we are a welcoming and supportive network of over 350 parents, numerous professionals and over 20 advocacy groups statewide.