Depression ans Bipolar Support Alliance Nashua Chapter

Basic Information

Address: 79 Bluestone Drive Nashua, NH 03060
Phone Number: 603.888.2141

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Additional Information

President: Thomas Doucette
Service Description: Mental Health Issues
Mission Statement:


DBSA Nashua is a peer support group dedicated to giving people with Mental Health Disorders, a place to come together and receive the support, caring, understanding and acceptance they deserve, and that can only come from ones peer’s.
DBSA Nashua is also committed to working within the community, to make society aware of the daily struggles of living with a Mental Health Disorder. Our hope and goal is to some day remove the stigma associated with Mental Health Disorders and to show that people with Mental Health Disorders can and do live productive lives and continue to contribute positively to society.

Membership Fee: none
Eligibility Requirements: over 18 years of age
Area Served: greater Nashua, NH area
Hours of Operation/Schedule: 7-9 pm every Thursday evenings
Services Offered:
Peer Support

In our seventh year of giving Peer Support

Slogan: "We've Been There We Can Help"