Love for Angels

Basic Information

Address: 120 Guise Park Drive Munroe Falls, OH 44262
Phone Number: 330-686-2700

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Additional Information

Executive Director: Robin Titus
President: Bob Cochrane
Service Description: Information and Networking regarding Angelman syndrome
Mission Statement:

Create and promote public awareness and interest regarding Angelman syndrome, and to make a positive impact in the lives of individuals and families with Angelman syndrome by providing financial assistance and encouragement in attending the National Angelman Syndrome Foundation's biennial conferences.

Membership Fee: .00
Area Served: Ohio
Hours of Operation/Schedule: By appointment
Services Offered:
Information regarding Angelman syndrome, networking with other families and organizations who have knowledge and experience with Angelman syndrome.

Annual Golf Invitational
National ASF Biennial Conference (2009 - Orlando, FL)

Conferences/Speakers: National Angelman Syndrome Foundation Biennial Conferences
Fundraisers: Sixth Annual Love for Angels Golf Invitational Friday, June 5, 2009 Rosemont CC in Fairlawn, OH
Support Groups: National Angelman Syndrome Foundation

Six years of fund-raising to provide Ohio families with the financial resources to attend the National Angelman Syndrome Foundation's Biennial conferences. In the past 5 years we have reimbursed families over $16,000 for conference-related expenses. We have also donated to the National Angelman Syndrome Foundation's scholarship fund to help others nationwide with conference related expenses.

Detailed Organization Information:

Love for Angels is a non-profit organization established in September 2003 by Robin Titus and Bob Cochrane.  Their son, Corbin Titus, received a diagnosis of Angelman syndrome (AS) in May, 1995.  Although Bob did not become part of Corbin's life until January of 2001, he was impressed with the challenges of AS and intrigued with the characteristics and obstacles this complex syndrome presents in the affected individual and their family.

Angelman syndrome is a genetic neurobiological disorder targeting the 15th chromosome in the form of a deletion or mutation.  This defect is responsible for several features and characteristics making AS recognizable.  These include but are not limited to: seizure disorder, absence of speech, unusually happy demeanor, profound fascination with water, decreased need for sleep. developmental delay, unsteady jerky gait, waving or arm flapping, metabolic and eating disorders, etc.

While these symptoms are manageable with early intervention and sometimes medication, any of these characteristics can be disruptive and cause undo strain on other family members.

A desire to help others conceived a notion which determined our purpose.  The desire became a reality when Love for Angels was born.

There are five board members:

Bob Cochrane - President     Ingrid Strenkowski - Vice President     Ted Strenkowski - Donations, golf event planning, public relations     Barbara Cochrane - Tax and Finance     Fifth person tba

Also, Robin Titus (Corbin's mother) is the Executive Director and William Chris is the Legal Advisor.

Together these seven people remain committed in furthering the efforts of Love for Angels and fulfilling our mission.



Slogan: Speaking through Smiles