Mental Health America of Kentucky

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Basic Information

Address: 120 Sears Ave #213 Louisville, KY 40207
Phone Number: 502-893-0460

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Additional Information

Executive Director: Sheriall Cunningham
President: George Walton
Service Description: Mental Health Advocacy and Education
Mission Statement:

To improve the accessibility and quality of mental health services through advocacy with local, state and federal policy-makers, education of the public, and promotion of research-based practices among providers.

Eligibility Requirements: Any
Area Served: Kentucky
Hours of Operation/Schedule: 10a - 6p M-F
Services Offered:
Information, Referral, Presentations, Screenings, Speakers, Health Fair, Scholarships, Awards
Conferences/Speakers: Speakers available

KY's oldest mental health charitable organization dedicated to raising awareness to importance of mental health in everyone's life.