Selective Mutism Parent/Teacher/Treating Professional Support Group

Basic Information

Address: 130 Kinnelon Road, Kinnelon, NJ 07405
Phone Number: 973-479-8067

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Additional Information

Executive Director: Gail Kervatt
Service Description: Support Group
Mission Statement:

The Selective Mutism Support Group meets monthly to support and to educate parents, teachers and treating professionals dealing with a child with selective mutism. The group meets is a non-threatening environment to learn from each other.

Eligibility Requirements: Parent, teacher or treating professional of an SM child
Area Served: No. New Jersey
Hours of Operation/Schedule: Monthly at the Kinnelon, NJ Public Library, 12:45 - 2:30 PM
Services Offered:
Support and education about selective mutism
Conferences/Speakers: Dr. Steven Kurtz Marian Moldan Local psychologists

The group has been in existence for the past 8 years. Parents, teachers and treating professionals who have an SM child meet for support and education about selective mutism. The group is run by Gail Kervatt, teacher and author of The Silence Within - A Teacher/Parent Guide to Helping Selectively Mute and Shy Children. Gail has spoken at many national conferences and does school consultations describing her successful school intervention with a selectively mute child.

Detailed Organization Information:

Next meeting:  Friday, September 10th, 2010 at the Kinnelon Public Library, Kinnelon, NJ, 12:45-2:30 PM.