Art Academy of Cincinnati

Basic Information

Address: 1212 Jackson Street, Cincinnati, OH
Phone Number: 513-562-6262
President: Joe Girandola
Admissions Director: Jack Wirth

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Art Academy of Cincinnati
Art Academy of Cincinnati
Art Academy of Cincinnati

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Additional Information

School Type: College of Art and Design
Public/Private: Private
Historical Black College/University: No
Hispanic Serving Institute: No
School Size: 220
Classroom Size: 10
Student/Teacher Ratio: 9:1
Housing Availability:


Type of Housing: Urban loft living
Diversity: The Art Academy of Cincinnati is a place for all people. It's a safe space where diversity, acceptance, social justice, and friendship are our highest values. Where each individual is embraced and supported as an integral part of our community. During your time here, you'll live, work, laugh, and forge lifelong bonds within a close-knit family of makers.


Disability Services:

Student Services at the Art Academy of Cincinnati works to create and maintain a positive learning environment and to support the holistic development of AAC students. In all of its capacities, Student Services seeks to foster a comprehensive environment of success and inclusion. Student Services is committed to providing advocacy for the student voice throughout the institution and strives to preserve the integrity of the student experience.

Student Services is responsible for coordinating and overseeing: housing and residence life, student activities and events, career services, learning assistance, professional development/internships, student employment, student conduct, and any issues related to student advocacy.


Black Student Union, Fellowship of Christian Artists, Queerspace, Social Impact, Student Community Council

Sports: Intramural soccer, baseball, and kickball. In addition to Running Club.
Degree Programs: The Art Academy's major-fluid programs give you the freedom to experiment and explore across disciplines.  You have the power to customize your education, so it fits your vision. Degrees granted are the Associate of Science in Graphic Design; the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative Writing, Design, Illustration, Painting and Drawing, Photography, Print Media, and Sculpture. All majors can be minors, additional minors include Film/Video/Audio, Animation, and Art History.

Admissions Requirements:
Admissions Deadline: July 1
Parking Spaces/Availability:


Summer Sessions:

The Art Academy's Future BFA Portfolio Prep summer program is an opportunity for you to build your portfolio, explore your interests, and develop artistic skillsets to prepare for college review. Find your artistic voice while creating with your peers and professional artists and designers through interdisciplinary studios and creative challenges. As a Future BFA student, you'll prepare for college portfolio reviews while honing in on your own artistic vision and style. Enjoy your summer on our historic Over-the-Rhine campus and experience what it feels like to be an artist, designer, and student at the Art Academy of Cincinnati.

Additional Information:

The majority of colleges increase their tuition and fees every year for their enrolled students.

The Art Academy of Cincinnati is the first and only private art college in the country, and one of the few higher education institutions in the state of Ohio, to implement the Four Year Tuition Promise!

College is one of the most important financial investments students and families will make in their lifetime. We want to help make that financial commitment a little easier, by making a commitment of our own.

For all incoming and currently enrolled undergraduate students at the Art Academy of Cincinnati, tuition and fees will not be raised over four academic years.

By freezing tuition and fees, families will be able to plan ahead on their investment, knowing exactly what the fiscal outcome will look like over a four-year span. The renewable entrance scholarships that students receive upon acceptance, will have the same financial impact throughout their college careers at AAC.